Goodbye, August

I will not miss you, oh final month of summer!



I am filled with EVIL GLEE!

For many reasons, not the least of which is that it is the final day of August. Summer here is officially nearing its end, and I am ready to trade the Southern Hemisphere back for winter now. SEPTEMBER APPROACHETH AND I AM FILLED WITH GLEE!


Also, those who follow me on Twitter will know this already, but for those who just do the blog thing, I will reiterate here:

Today, this morning, our months of self-restraint and budgeting came to fruition. This morning, tickets to Scotland arrived. With my name on them.

It’s real. It’s really real. #ForScotland is REAL. #YarnEmbargo has been worth it!

Now, this does not mean we can let up on the budget or let our self-restraint run amok. Oh, no. No, if anything, we need to double-down. Just because the big huge part is out of the way doesn’t mean we can ease up. There are still things that need saving for, like animal care costs and actual money to buy the yarn in Scotland I have been excellent about not buying ALL YEAR LONG. I have made it over NINE months without buying yarn (that was paid for by me, anyway…gift cards don’t count, and neither does yarn gifted to me by wonderful people who have kept me sane with fiber these long, long months…), and I don’t intend to start now. We still need money to eat on over there, so the tickets that came today don’t mean that we’ve reached our goal. Oh, no. We’ve overcome the first hurdle, that’s all.

But it’s really REAL now. Like, for realsies real! This is happening. We’re going. I am in awe. I truly didn’t think we’d make it this far, but we have.

*sits in awe a while longer*

Okay! Yeah! So that’s happening!

Other things that are happening:

My friend Lilith Saintcrow has an awesome fundraiser up for an equally awesome book about the squirrels that terrorize her. No, I’m serious! Go watch the vid and throw money at her. DO IT NOW.

Also, remember when I blogged about my local theater needing help? Well, they reached their goal (thank you on behalf of me to all of you that contributed, or wanted to, or boosted the signal, or however you helped – thank you!), and any extra they’re given will go to other things they could use. If you have a few pennies to spare that you haven’t tossed at Lili up there, consider putting them in the Columbian’s jar, won’t you? They’d appreciate it (as would I – Despicable Me 2 is playing now and I haven’t seen it yet – what? DON’T JUDGE ME. I’m making Gru’s scarf! FOR MYSELF. BECAUSE REASONS.).

That’s all I have for you right now. There is more eviltry afoot I’ll update you on later, that involves more shiny things. Stay tuned!

ETA: This was just brought to my attention. Writer P.N. Elrod is offering shiny things from her personal collection of shiny to raise money to pay down a four-figure vet bill. Go take a look and see what there is to see, and if you find any more of those pennies in the couch cushions, a few tossed her way wouldn’t go amiss.

Signal Boost – Helpers for Boston!

This was on my Facebook feed, via author Jodi Meadows:

(Please RT: This is an open letter to all my friends in the #writing community.)


My name is K.T., and I’m a born-and-raised Bostonian. I’m also a writer, looking to our beloved writing community for some much needed support.

As you know, the tragic events at the Boston Marathon on April 15 at 2:50 PM left 3 dead and 176 people injured, plus countless more traumatized. These bombings rocked my hometown, and I can’t sit idly by.

I’m writing to you today to ask for your help. I’d like to organize an auction, with all proceeds going to the Boston First Responders Fund, a fund organized through the Boston Firefighters Credit Union. 100% of the proceeds go to benefit the victims and their families. But I can’t do it alone. So I’m asking if you and/or anyone you know (fellow writers, agents, editors, illustrators, etc.) could donate. It could be your time (Skype chat, phone call, etc.), some swag, a book/ARC, critique or service, anything that others can bid on over a 5 day period. All winners will donate directly to the fund, send a copy of the receipt to me, and I will organize and facilitate everything–from the official auction postings to putting winners in touch with the benefactors–through my personal website.

If you or anyone you know can participate and if you could spread the word, I, along with the countless people affected, would be forever grateful. You and anyone else interested can contact me directly at crowleykt [AT] gmail [DOT] com. If I can get at least 10 donations, the impact could be huge. Please feel free to pass this message along.

Let’s show Boston just how amazing this writing community is.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

K.T. Crowley

I’m going to offer something. A book, maybe some knitted evil, something. If you can help, or even just boost the signal, that would rock.

Whoa. A Month? Really?


Yeah, I know, it’s been awhile since I blogged. Like…almost a month. I have no excuse, really. I mean, I do – I’ve been sick and busy. That’s pretty much it. Lazy, too, really. Comes with being busy.

But what also comes with being busy is stuff getting done. I can’t tell you what stuff that is, because I don’t know – I don’t really see a lot of progress around here, so whatever I’ve been doing for the last month didn’t make a dent in my laundry. I’ll have to look into that. Anyway! I’m here now to share a few things with you. Here they are, in chronological order:

Thing 1) My Editor of Awesome, Skyla Dawn Cameron, has a book out today. Go buy it, read it, and love it. Buy her backlist, too. Just because. I mean, she has to eat if she’s going to be able to edit the books I write, so it’s win/win here. If you just don’t have the money this month, you’re in luck. Mel’s World is having a giveaway, as is Books Make Me Happy. Go enter and check out all the freebies offered with it!

Thing 2) So remember back in December when I won the Book of the Week award from Long and Short Reviews? Well, because of that awesome win (again, thank you, fans!), I’ve been nominated for the Book of the Year award. From their email:

Congratulations! Your book ALL WOUNDS received a “BEST BOOK” rated review last year and earned a spot in our LASR Best Book of 2011 poll. The voting will run from February 16 through 29, ending at midnight Eastern time on February 29.

Now, I’m up against some awesome authors, including my own Editor of Awesome, so I in no way expect to win this award/poll. But, if you’re feeling generous and want to toss a shout-out my way, I’d be appreciative. I’m in the “non-erotic” category on the left side of the poll.

Official Nomination Image - Book of the Year 2011

Thing 3) I have a book coming out in two weeks.

Light In A Dark World Front Cover

Front Cover of Light In A Dark World Anthology by Skyla Dawn Cameron

Light in a Dark World: Legends of the Destrati is a collection of my short stories focusing on the various members of the vampire clan Destrati and its associates. Kyle will feature prominently.

This collection will be available from Mundania Press March 6, 2012. Note: In addition to three completely new stories, those previously published in the Mammoth books are available edited, rewritten, and extended in this anthology.

There are a lot of other differences between these stories and what I’ve written before, and you may not like it. Just be aware of that, and be sure and read the author’s note before reading the stories.

And there you have it! All the news I have at the moment.

Well, all the news I can remember at the moment. Cold medicine plays havoc with one’s mental faculties.

It’s Here! It’s Release Day!

Look! Look! All Wounds is here!

I’m overwhelmed, really. Thank you to so many people for not only making this possible, but for supporting me and promoting me and just generally being awesome. I have the best friends, and the coolest fans. You all rock!

I mean, Ilona Andrews has me featured on her blog’s sidebar under friend’s release (scroll down to the bottom – I need to figure out how to do something like this on my own site), Lilith Saintcrow (the Bad Horse of the ELEW) pimps me out her blog post today, Skyla Dawn Cameron does the same…wow. Just…wow, you guys. Thanks.

Because you are all so cool, I’ll give you all a little treat. I’ll post a very short excerpt of the book. Short because I’m evil. (But you knew that.)

All Rebecca really wanted to do was go to sleep, take care of her nana, and go to school in the morning and deal with Marla Thompson like normal.

Instead she was sitting at a table with a werewolf and a vampire, listening to them discuss how best to raid a demon lair.

All right, all right. Since you are all SO awesome, I’ll throw one of my Evil Giveaway things. Not just yet, though. I’ll need to see if I can procure something evil for it first. If the evil works, BWAH-HA-HA-HA! If it does not, we’ll have the giveaway without it.

I now go in search of this new devilry.

Stay tuned. We’re gonna kick it up a notch in the next day or so.

Preview – there will be PRIZES. Hee!

Dina Leaves The Lair. In Broad Daylight. On Purpose.

I know, I know. I’m shocked too. Don’t faint. I know it’s a rare occasion. I usually hide between the spring and autumn equinoxes, not only from the daylight, but from tourists and kids out of school for the summer. I emerge sometime after Labor Day and celebrate the return to normalcy.

But! I don’t pick the times or dates for certain things, and if there’s something I want to go to scheduled in the middle of summer, well…I have to leave the lair. One of those things is a writing seminar scheduled for this weekend (June 3-5) that I’ll be attending. It’s James Scott Bell’s Selling Your Novel and Screenplay Intensive Seminar in Sherman Oaks, CA.

While this doesn’t technically count as “an appearance” as I’m there for the seminar and not to sign books*, I plan to have a drink or two at the hotel bar in the evenings if you want to come say hi! I’ll warn you all now – I have dinner plans both Friday and Saturday evening, so I’m not sure when I’ll be at the bar. Watch my Twitter for when I’ll be there. I’m a night person, and so it will probably be late. Like toward closing time. Unless I stay out late at dinner partying or something. Hey, I’m a writer. Things could happen.

I’m not taking my laptop, so I won’t be checking email or Facebook or anything. Please hold all catastrophes and end of the world events until Monday, June 6. I don’t have one of those fancy phones or an i-Thingy that lets me do all that stuff, either. I have a cell that sends text messages to Twitter, but I can’t read Twitter on it. So there you have it. I will be…*gasp*…out of touch!

So there you have it. I’ll be gone this weekend. Plan accordingly and have the mess cleaned up by the time I get home. I’m outtie. I solemnly swear I am up to no good. There will be witnesses. Hopefully there will not be news coverage or jail time.

(*Though I won’t be offended if you bring books you want me to sign when I’m not “in class.”)

Con Artist -or- Surly Writer’s Con

It’s amazing what random things inspire a writer. This morning it was a hashtag on Twitter about yet another convention I’ve never heard about, and it made me scowl. I mean… Continue reading


(Today’s post is cross-posted from the Evil League of Evil Writers blog. You all do know I’m a member of the ELEW, right?)

My turn to continue our two-week theme of self-care tips for writers. No, I’m not going to talk about being sedentary or not killing the person in the house playing a musical instrument while you’re trying to solve a plot issue.

I want to talk about eyeballs. Continue reading

What Makes A Writer Evil?

I was going to post this on Monday, but I completely forgot about the crossposting thing I was going to do.

What am I talking about?

Well, a couple weeks ago I announced the launch of the Evil League of Evil Writers website, of which I’m a member. Monday saw my first blog post. I’ll be posting there every two weeks and crossposting those entries here – in theory; we’ve already seen how well I remembered to do that!

Anyway, better late than never, so here you are. Warning: Language and no sympathy. (Hi, Mom!)

Monday’s blog post, crossposted to the ELEW. Continue reading



This rant, as those of you who follow me on Twitter may know, has been simmering on the back burner for awhile. Well, today it boiled over and that means…you guessed it!

The Dina Rant is ready!

Today’s rant is brought to you by self-publishing, “indie” writers and viewers like you.

This is a rant. You have been warned. There will be language and screaming, with a chance of blood, guts and gore. (Hi, Mom!)

Still here? Okay. At your peril. Warning: Length. Possible TL;DR. Continue reading