Whoa. A Month? Really?


Yeah, I know, it’s been awhile since I blogged. Like…almost a month. I have no excuse, really. I mean, I do – I’ve been sick and busy. That’s pretty much it. Lazy, too, really. Comes with being busy.

But what also comes with being busy is stuff getting done. I can’t tell you what stuff that is, because I don’t know – I don’t really see a lot of progress around here, so whatever I’ve been doing for the last month didn’t make a dent in my laundry. I’ll have to look into that. Anyway! I’m here now to share a few things with you. Here they are, in chronological order:

Thing 1) My Editor of Awesome, Skyla Dawn Cameron, has a book out today. Go buy it, read it, and love it. Buy her backlist, too. Just because. I mean, she has to eat if she’s going to be able to edit the books I write, so it’s win/win here. If you just don’t have the money this month, you’re in luck. Mel’s World is having a giveaway, as is Books Make Me Happy. Go enter and check out all the freebies offered with it!

Thing 2) So remember back in December when I won the Book of the Week award from Long and Short Reviews? Well, because of that awesome win (again, thank you, fans!), I’ve been nominated for the Book of the Year award. From their email:

Congratulations! Your book ALL WOUNDS received a “BEST BOOK” rated review last year and earned a spot in our LASR Best Book of 2011 poll. The voting will run from February 16 through 29, ending at midnight Eastern time on February 29.

Now, I’m up against some awesome authors, including my own Editor of Awesome, so I in no way expect to win this award/poll. But, if you’re feeling generous and want to toss a shout-out my way, I’d be appreciative. I’m in the “non-erotic” category on the left side of the poll.

Official Nomination Image - Book of the Year 2011

Thing 3) I have a book coming out in two weeks.

Light In A Dark World Front Cover

Front Cover of Light In A Dark World Anthology by Skyla Dawn Cameron

Light in a Dark World: Legends of the Destrati is a collection of my short stories focusing on the various members of the vampire clan Destrati and its associates. Kyle will feature prominently.

This collection will be available from Mundania Press March 6, 2012. Note: In addition to three completely new stories, those previously published in the Mammoth books are available edited, rewritten, and extended in this anthology.

There are a lot of other differences between these stories and what I’ve written before, and you may not like it. Just be aware of that, and be sure and read the author’s note before reading the stories.

And there you have it! All the news I have at the moment.

Well, all the news I can remember at the moment. Cold medicine plays havoc with one’s mental faculties.

It’s Here! It’s Release Day!

Look! Look! All Wounds is here!

I’m overwhelmed, really. Thank you to so many people for not only making this possible, but for supporting me and promoting me and just generally being awesome. I have the best friends, and the coolest fans. You all rock!

I mean, Ilona Andrews has me featured on her blog’s sidebar under friend’s release (scroll down to the bottom – I need to figure out how to do something like this on my own site), Lilith Saintcrow (the Bad Horse of the ELEW) pimps me out her blog post today, Skyla Dawn Cameron does the same…wow. Just…wow, you guys. Thanks.

Because you are all so cool, I’ll give you all a little treat. I’ll post a very short excerpt of the book. Short because I’m evil. (But you knew that.)

All Rebecca really wanted to do was go to sleep, take care of her nana, and go to school in the morning and deal with Marla Thompson like normal.

Instead she was sitting at a table with a werewolf and a vampire, listening to them discuss how best to raid a demon lair.

All right, all right. Since you are all SO awesome, I’ll throw one of my Evil Giveaway things. Not just yet, though. I’ll need to see if I can procure something evil for it first. If the evil works, BWAH-HA-HA-HA! If it does not, we’ll have the giveaway without it.

I now go in search of this new devilry.

Stay tuned. We’re gonna kick it up a notch in the next day or so.

Preview – there will be PRIZES. Hee!

Busy Dina Is Busy

La, la, la, urf.

(“Urf” is a special multipurpose Dina-ism that means anything from “omg srsly” to “@$%*#!%$!@#$%!@!!” depending on usage. Here it is meant to express my apathy and fatigue at the ridiculous length of my to-do list, and my reluctance to engage in what’s listed there.)

In other news, today I’m over at the Evil League of Evil Writers blog talking about being a Speshul Snoflake.

I’m going to be insanely busy for the next month or more, so I will be scarce. I anticipate having a little breathing room around the middle of September.

In case I don’t get to say it, a safe and happy Labor Day weekend to all who celebrate it, and thank you to summer for being gentle with me this year. I will not miss you. Close the door on your way out and take the tourists with you.

Upcoming events!

I’m thinking about another fun giveaway thing next month to celebrate the return of my beloved autumn like I had when winter ended and left me with spring. Maybe another round of Alphabet Stew. We’ll see. Still contemplating this one.

Also there will be a fun little thing on my blog in mid-October to celebrate the release of All Wounds. Not sure what this one is going to entail. I mean, I’m already doing a blog tour, and there will be fun things to see and win for a couple weeks there. There will definitely be something on my blog! We’ll see. Stay tuned!

For those attending this weekend, ENJOY DRAGON*CON. *sniff* I envy you all. Maybe next year for me. We’ll have to see!

That’s it for now. *sighs at to-do list* *gets going*

All Wounds Fall Blog Tour Schedule!

It’s official! There will be a blog tour for my October release, All Wounds. The current schedule is here.

If you’re a book blogger/reviewer/writer-type and want in on this blog tour thing, let me know!

Big thanks to Jennifer at Books Make Me Happy for not only educating me about what a blog tour is/entails, but organizing this one!

More as it develops. This blog tour thing is still in the planning stages, so we’re still sorting things out. Keep checking the Appearances page for updates!

Alphabet Stew (‘Cause Soup Ain’t Gonna Cut It)

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! WE HAVE OUR WINNER! Congratulations to Johanna Harness! She was the first to guess correctly with QUIT, CAMP, and GOLD. Thank you all for playing. This rocked. We’ll play again in a month or so!

Clarification/Disclaimer: It’s well-known I hate people. I like individuals, not people. I’m anti-social and possibly something that ends in “-pathic.” This should not surprise you.

Still here?

Carry on. There are things to win!

Today, I am INAMOOD. Today, I am homicidal. Today I want to sit and knit and play World of Warcraft (I’m in DEEPHOLM, DAMN IT!) and drink tea and NOT do anything on my very long to-do list. (This may be partially why I’m INAMOOD – I have to go out and deal with people, and I’ve had enough of them today reading the news. I should not read the news.)

So! In order to combat my annoyance with the race that claims to be human (I’m still looking for the “humanity” part), I offer you awesome individuals a fun little something.

I was messing about downstairs and came across my signing tote. This is a large plastic bin that I keep my signing/appearance/swag in, and upon looking inside it, I saw that I have a signed copy of The Eternal Kiss YA anthology left in there. Now, the story I have in it, “All Wounds,” has become a novel and will be out from Mundania Press in October, so I feel kind of bad offering it for sale at signings and stuff when the full version is so close to being available (even though you should totally buy it for the other authors that are in it with me!).

This is good news for you! Why? Because you can have it. All you have to do is solve a little puzzle.

You can do that, right? I mean, it’s a word puzzle (hey, I’m a writer – what did you expect?). If you’re a fan of Scrabble, Boggle, Lexulous, or Babble, this should be cake for you. CAKE I SAY! Cupcakes, if that’s your thing.

Remember these?

Alphabet Magnets

Come on. You remember them.

I have a set of alphabet magnets on my fridge. Well, I did, until the cats stole 9 of the 26 letters. They’re probably under the fridge or the stove or something. Who knows where they are. I bought the magnets and kept them on the lower half of the fridge for my Gothdaughter to play with when she was little. Also, we have a thing for magnets (don’t ask – it’s something my husband started), so…yeah. They’re still here.

Now, of the 17 letters left on the fridge, I have made 3 words of four letters.

Your job? Tell me what those words are.

I’ll give you the letters you can use, and the letters that are missing. The first person to tell me via a comment on this post all three of those words wins the signed copy of The Eternal Kiss. (Also, anyone who has won things from me before knows I always throw random fun things in my prize parcels, so yay!)

Disclaimers: Now, you can’t play this game if your state/country/whatever prohibits such, but this contest is open to all, wherever you may live. I’ll ship anywhere. Also,
you can’t play this game if you’ve been to my house/seen my fridge
. (You know who you are!) I was going to be evil and say that you can’t play if you’ve already won something from me, but what fun is that? Enter away! If you win, you win.

Here are the letters still on my fridge:


Out of those 17 letters, you need to tell me which 3 words (four letters each) are on my fridge. As these are magnets, you’ll use each letter only once. (See? I’m making this SO easy!)

To make it even easier, here are the letters that the cats have misappropriated:
E F H K N S V W Y <--Not to be used! Easier still, I'll tell you that once you've made 3 four letter words, you'll have 5 letters left over from those available. Got all that? Here's a quick rundown: 1. Tell me the 3 four-letter words on my fridge made up of the letters available. 2. Comment on this entry with those 3 words. 3. The first person to tell me ALL THREE words correctly wins a signed copy of The Eternal Kiss anthology. If you all like this game, I might make it a regular thing. "Regular" being subjective. I'm already planning a giveaway thingy for the October release of All Wounds, then I'll probably do something fun for January's release of the Destrati anthology. Ready to play? No deadline for this. The game starts as soon as you read this post and ends when someone gives me the correct 3 words. Annnnnd, GO!

Total Pimpage! Go and win stuff!

I had to share this with you all. Barbara Vey (contributing editor for Publisher’s Weekly and all-around rockin’ chick) is hosting her 4th annual anniversary bash on her blog. It’s a major online party that goes on 24/7 for the whole week, each day with a different theme. Today (Monday) is Paranormal Day, and we’re all over there partying/commenting our hearts out. Hot men, drinks, you name it, it’s there (and if it isn’t, you can bring it). Authors like Meljean Brook, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love are participating, and there are over 300 prizes (along with 21 e-readers!) to be given away.

Clicky here to join the party! Come on! This way!

It was awesome last year and I’m so pleased to be playing again.

Oh, yeah, I’m there too! I have a signed copy of The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance featuring my short story “Once A Demon” up for grabs, as well as two rechargeable Starbucks cards with $5.00 each on them (for a total of $10!).

Go! Go! All you have to do to enter the contest is comment. The party’s been going on for less than 12 hours now, and already the comments are nearing 800. And this is only the first day.

Barbara is also on Twitter and using the hashtag #BHBbash.

In Barbara’s own words from one of her previous blog entries: “The party officially starts at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, CST, so everyone in the world is invited and goes nonstop until midnight Saturday night. After that, commenters will not be eligible for prizes, but you can still post. Every time you leave a comment it counts as one entry, so feel free to talk up a storm, there will be many new friends to make and a wonderful opportunity for readers and authors to get together and have a great time.

I hope you all help me get the word out. We’ll be talking about it on Twitter (#BHBbash will be our party room) and Facebook. Now it’s your turn to get the word out to all your fans and friends who won’t want to miss the bash of year (and they’ll thank you forever if they win one of the e-readers or other marvelous prizes).”

So! Repost this on your own blogs, Twitter, FB – get the word out! Great prizes and lots of fun!