Announcement! All Wounds, the Novel

A promise is a promise, and I promised to let you all know about the fate of All Wounds, the novel version the moment I had any news to share, good or bad.

Guess what? I have news, and it’s GOOD!

All Wounds, a Stranger Things novel, has been accepted by Mundania Press, and is scheduled for release in both print and e-book format October 2011!

When I have an exact release date, I’ll share that with you as well.

Thank you to all who have sent me fan mail and kept interest in this novel throughout the long road to publication. I often say that it’s my readers/fans that keep me writing! It pleases me beyond words to finally be able to announce that the novel you’ve been patiently waiting to hear about will soon be ready for you to read. (Legally read, please – you all know how I feel about e-piracy of my work. Remember I’m a small author and if you want me to continue to be able to write stories for you to enjoy, please support me and my publisher by obtaining a copy of my work legally, not through a torrent or file-sharing site. I know my readers are awesome, so if you know someone or see someone stealing my work – because that’s what it is, plain and simple – please ask them not to. There are other, legal ways to get my work to read, no matter what country you’re in, as long as you’re willing to wait. Thanks!)

This is really all the news I have for now! Again, thank you all for your support and patience.

Thank you too, Mundania Press and awesome editor Skyla Dawn Cameron, for allowing me this opportunity.