Dina James
Photo by Dinah Urell

Dina James wrote her first book in second grade, which she “printed” herself and gave to her mother, who still has it stashed safely in an unknown location for blackmail purposes. That first book wasn’t enough for Dina, so when she wasn’t writing new stories down, she was making them up in her head, telling them to other people, or acting out other stories on her school stage.

Okay, enough with the creative third person.

Hi, I’m Dina James. You can call me “Dina” or “DJ” … anything but “Ms. James.” That’s just annoying and, no matter who says it, it always sounds like I’m in trouble. (Which would most likely be accurate. I am, after all, mostly evil….)

I like horsies and puppies … oh, wait, I’m an adult now, right? At least in theory and in the eyes of the law. Damn. Okay. Um. Got it. *ahem*

I love animals, mainly horses and dogs. Why then do I have multiple cats and only ONE dog? That’s a long story I might tell someday.

I love to knit (shut it, you), write (obviously) and role-play (the kind you … um … write). I’m addicted to my laptop. I love tea, jewelry and things that sparkle (unless it’s a “vampire”), fuzzy socks, candles, and anything that abets my hedonistic tendencies (like massages, warm robes and hot tubs). I am an unapologetic gamer geek girl – World of Warcraft, FPS, XBox, Wii, d20, what have you.

I like great restaurants, late nights, good tequila, salmon sushi, and intelligent conversation with interesting people.

I strongly dislike entitlement, rudeness, idiocy, stupidity, bigotry, and people who have no sense of humor. And bell peppers.

I collect Darth Vader everything. (Except bobbleheads and “Goofy Vader” from Disney – THESE ARE ABOMINATIONS AND UNWELCOME IN MY HOUSE. “Stitch Palpatine” is acceptable. Because hey…Stitch!)

Oh, and I’m Goth. Not a wannabe-poseur-juvvie-punk-freak-who-is-“Goth”-now-but-won’t-be-once-they-graduate-high-school, but a Real Goth. A True Goth, if you must have a label. No, we do not worship Satan (though the choice of topic for my novel kind of leans toward that stereotype, as it’s about demons and Hell). I’m actually a Christian (not THAT kind – you know the kind; I am proof that we’re not all Like That), and if you simply must have proof of my religiousity, click on my flickr link and you’ll see pictures of the tattoo that covers my entire back that will testify (TESTIFY, MAH BROTHAS AND SISTAS! Oh … sorry … I had a good Southern church-goin’ upbringin’.) to that. More about this aspect of me in the FAQ section.

As for being published, I’ve had a few things go to print. If you’re curious about what they are, click on the “Books” menu and take a look. I get to call myself a professional, because I’ve been paid to write (I learned this from the Olympics – if you get paid in any way, even if it’s just a nickel, you’re a “professional!”).

I also have an outlined series set in the Key to Hell world that I’m working on.

So why a website? A lot of reasons. Mostly to say I have one. Ha.