Get Up To No Good

Below you’ll find links to various causes I like to support. If you’d like to support them as well, I’m sure they’d love it.

MS is an annoying bitch of a disorder. [ETA: February 2, 2016 – After ten years of living with MS, I have decided to make my condition public. You can read about that here.]

My friend, colleague, Editor of Awesome and all around awesome chick Skyla Dawn Cameron blogged about her own fundraising efforts for the cause here, and it pretty much covers how I feel about it also.

Here are the links to MS Societies around the world that could use any pennies you might find hidden in the couch cushions:




Speaking of Skyla Dawn Cameron, you can support her, personally, through her Patreon page. Go and do that, because she writes awesome things and deserves ALL THE MONEY. Go now. Give her some pennies. She’ll give you shiny things in return.


I’m also a supporter of reasonable (that is “sane,” and “not PETA”) animal welfare organizations, like this one run by my friend Jes Adams:

Wayward Creatures Relief Agency

This is one of their rescues – a 7 month old Fila Braziliero puppy (yes, he’s a puppy!) named Little John. (You may now laugh at the irony.)

You can Paypal them a donation to: docjesadams [at] gmail [dot] com