Find Me On…

Look, I’m not very social, so this whole “social networking” thing is kinda wasted on me. Still, here are the linky-things to the networks I’m on:

Facebook FB and I are no longer speaking terms. Here’s why.
(There is a fan page, not maintained by me! MESSAGES LEFT THERE WILL NOT GET TO ME. Shout out to the admins for their awesome, though!)

Twitter is my main hang-out.

Tumblr is mostly about pretty pictures and knitting for me.

Everything below I pretty much ignore, but feel free to add or follow or whatever they call it:




YouTube (Vlogs)

Google Plus (G+) Google Plus is no more. It has ceased to be. It is an ex-social media network.


Dreamwidth (The new LJ/crosspost! This site mirrors to DW.)


Former Livejournal (Note: This site used to mirror to LJ before I moved it to Dreamwidth.)