The Mini Doctor Who Scarf


So I made this pattern up sometime around the fall of 2012. I did this miniature version of Tom Baker’s infamous knitted icon of the Doctor Who fandom for a friend for Christmas. It has traveled the world, and been to various Whovian events. I saved the little “pattern” I’d made up (hastily written on a piece of pocket-sized notebook paper) and used it again when I was invited to attend Gallifrey One by this same friend. The con organizer is a very nice man who does nice things for his guests, and so I knitted him one in gratitude for his generosity.

Here, I freely offer fellow Whovians (and those who knit for them) the pattern to make their own Mini Doctor Who scarf. If you make one of these, I would take it as an evilness if you’d credit me for the design on Ravelry (dinajames) or wherever you post pictures of your work (if you do that sort of thing).

Please do not sell items made from this pattern. This is a freebie for a reason.

I do not own or pretend to own any kind of trademark or affiliation with Doctor Who or the BBC. This pattern is a fan-made homage to the iconic knitted scarf worn by Tom Baker and not officially licensed or endorsed by anyone who owns anything official to do with Doctor Who.

Disclaimers out of the way, here’s what I did to make the Mini Doctor Who Scarf:

Needles: I used 7US (4.5mm). I’m a tight knitter, though, so I always go up a needle size.

Yarn: Plymouth Encore DK is excellent for this project, but anything in DK weight will do. You’ll need one skein in each of the 7 colors
Olive green
(Hint: I made two of these 70″ scarves out of these and still had some left over, so one little skein/150yds of each is plenty.)

Gauge: Dunno. Whatever makes 5″ wide in your gauge with whatever yarn you’re using. Say 5st/in IN GARTER STITCH.

NOTE: This pattern is made entirely in garter stitch, which is stretchy, so your usual gauge might be off a bit. Compensate for that in the manner of your choosing.


Using the purple yarn, cast on however many stitches it takes you to make 5″ of width (I used 25 on a DPN because I’m lazy).

Knit with the purple for 2″. Change color to
Tan. Knit for 4″. Change color to
Brown – 1″
Yellow – 2″
Red – 3″
Green – 4″
Grey – 1″
Red – 2″
Tan – 1″
Purple – 3″
Brown – 4″
Yellow – 3″
Gray – 4″
Green – 1″
Repeat the above sequence from beginning (purple) to end (green).
Bind off.
Finished dimensions should be somewhere around 5″ x 70″.

Fringe – Cut twelve 10″ strands of each color of yarn (7 colors 12 times). Combine one strand of each color to make a tassel with all 7 colors. Space 6 tassels evenly across both ends of the scarf.

But wait, there’s more!

Once you’re finished, wet-block the scarf by soaking it in water for at least 20 minutes (throw some no-rinse wool wash in there with it if you feel like it). Spin or press out the water until it’s just damp then hang it to dry over your shower curtain or other rack/bar. Then stretch it gently.

You heard me. Hang to dry and gently tug on it/stretch it out. This gives it both additional length (15-20″!) and that authentic 4th Doctor worn/over-sized look.

Now, I just made this pattern up. It’s loosely based on the original 16′ S16 version (yes, that’s FEET). It’s meant to be an easy knit that’s much quicker and lighter than the worsted version.

My advice to you? Play with it. You have 7 colors and 70″. I made sure each color got 10″ in some form (combos of 3/2 and 4/1 in various places). Don’t like how I arranged my colors? Make it your bitch. Do what you want. All I ask is that you give me a nod for supplying you with this tutorial (it’s really more a tutorial than a pattern, I think) if you make something based off it.