So it’s October. Summer in the northern hemisphere is officially dead and gone, without even a hint of it on the breeze (FINALLY!). Everything now is pumpkins and apples and fleece and flannel.

I kicked off the month over at the Evil League of Evil Writers with a post about playing nicely with others.

I had more, but I’m too busy purring about the fact that it’s October to think more.

evil laugh gif Tom

Oh, I suppose I could say something about how I have a Halloween freebie story I wrote last year up on the site. (It’s the same one as last year, so if you’ve read that one already, there’s nothing new. Just thought I’d throw out the reminder, because hey, Halloween and pumpkins, and that gorgeous cover by Skyla Dawn Cameron of IndigoChick Designs.)


So there you are. Now, back to October.


Five Evil Years – NOT APRIL FOOL’S


So yes. April 1 is by far the most evil day of the year, but it being the anniversary of the Evil League of Evil Writers was (almost) entirely coincidental. April just happened to be the closest upcoming month back when we were going public with the Evil League of Evil Writers, and what better day to celebrate eviltry than the day of trickery itself?

Loki Oh Yes

I realize this does come with the side effect of our celebratory posts being sometimes taken as April Fool’s pranks, but that’s not our problem. Evil does not care if you believe in it or not.

Having said that, five years of mayhem deserves special recognition, and today we have the honor of hosting a dark lord. No, really. Go and read the interview for yourself. There’s a giveaway included! (Spoiler Alert: It’s JIM BUTCHER! No foolin’!)

Speaking of giveaways, five years is a big deal, and we’re celebrating in style. There are fantastic gift packages with all sorts of shinies in them, including some things that are specific to giveaways. That is, you won’t see them anywhere for sale – the only way to get them is to win them. Books! Gift cards! More books! Click on the pic to see what’s up for grabs and enter!

Giveaway Pic

The Power of the Dark Side

YEAH, BABY! That is what I am talking about!

Shamelessly ripping off this awesome post made by our Bitchstress Dreamkiller over at the Evil League of Evil Writers blog:


Yes, you read that right. Just four days into the Evil for Julie campaign, and both the reader and writer editions are entirely funded. As of writing this:

Reader Edition: $6085 (of a $3500 goal)

Writer Edition: $2275 (of a $1500 goal)

That’s $8360 total. [ETA: UPDATE – Now $8440!]

Loki thumbs up

On behalf of the Evil League of Evil Writers:


$5000 was our initial goal because that was what we raised last year for Crestline with our Evil Auction. To surpass that in just a couple of days is tremendous, and everything, minus the Indiegogo/PayPal fees, go directly to Julie and her family at the end of the month.

Of course, we shall not stop there. No, because we have TONS of other perks here to list and twenty-six more days to raise some more cash.

Please head over to the campaigns to have a look at the new additions and stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.

Thank you again to everyone sharing, linking, buying, donating, and supporting this endeavor. Vader says, “If you only knew the power of the dark side.” For anyone paying attention, I’d say you guys know. Excellent villainous work, everyone.”

I just have to add:

LOki Yeah

Evil Auction Post – Winding Down

I’ll try to sound coherent here, but it’s Sunday morning and the sun in shinin’ in my eye that is open and my head is reelin’ –

Wait, those are song lyrics to Shelley West’s “Jose Cuervo.” This is not the blog post you’re looking for. (Besides, this is Oregon. Everyone knows the sun doesn’t shine here. No jokes about “where the sun doesn’t shine.”) *ahem*


I mean its end.

That’s right.

It was supposed to end on Friday, but due to some issues with the Foundation we’re raising funds for (there’s a problem with sending confirmation receipts to people to show they’ve paid for their item, which is kind of important given we’re using those to confirm a donation made so we can send the winning bidder their item), it’s been extended through tomorrow – Monday, February 25, 2013, 5PM PST/8PM EST.

I’m writing this to goad you all into helping us reach our evil, lofty goal of an even $5000. Come on! One last push! We’re almost there!

And we’ve got just the items to make this happen!

Up for bid this second (and final) round are more signed books (with zombies!), some crafty things, jewelry, AWESOME GEEKY COMICS from Dork Tower (Hi, MINE! MINE I SAY!) art…. GO! GO NOW AND SEE!

If you’ve already donated- either an item for bid, given funds directly to the school district or via the auction – thank you from all of us at the Evil League of Evil Writers and Crestline Elementary School. You don’t know how grateful the parents, teachers, and kids are for these donations.

We have made people cry. We have crashed the Foundation donation website with our evil.


We have been Bad Guys (shiny!) for Crestline, and we couldn’t have done it without all of you.

“When you can’t run, you crawl, and when you can’t do that…well, you know the rest.”

Now if you all could carry us just a little bit further the rest of the way home, we’d take that as an eviltry. (It’s like “a kindness,” but without the negative connotations of doing something good. For lo, we are evil, and this is an Evil Auction.)

So, if you would – get out there, jump up and down, wave your arms around, do whatever you have to to get us noticed.

Let’s go out with a bang so loud they hear us all the way to the Core.

(Also, if you haven’t seen/watched Firefly – GO DO THAT NOW and follow it up with the movie Serenity so you can get all these cool geek references I’m throwing out.)

Pimpage link: EvilButton1 http://evilauction.blogspot.com/

If you blog about the auction, remember there’s shinies in it for you! Here: http://evilauction.blogspot.com/p/spread-word.html

Evil Auction Post – Round One Closing!

EvilButton1Most of you know about the Evil Auction by now. My partners in crime, Skyla Dawn Cameron and the rest of the Evil League of Evil Writers, and I have been busting our collective asses for the last ten days getting this thing organized, and it’s been a success beyond any of our imaginings. Thank you all, so much, donors and bidders, for helping make Round One over $3500 in pledges for Crestline Elementary School.

And that’s just Round One.

Alas, Round One auctions END TODAY! This evening at 5PM Pacific/8PM Eastern, these items will go to their highest bidders. I encourage you to take one last look, especially at items you may have already bid on, just to make sure everything is set, because once the clock strikes Auction’s End, Round One is over!

There is, of course, still Round Two, and there are some AMAZING items up for bid.

Just sayin’!

Evil Auction Teaser Post

Most of you know by now that I’m involved with the Evil League of Evil Writers, and we’re doing a fundraising auction to benefit Crestline Elementary School in Vancouver, WA that burned to the ground on the night of Sunday the 3rd. We’re still taking donations of items to auction. There’s more about it on this post here.

ETA: The auction will be going live tomorrow, February 7 and most items will be available for those international folks! We have people from all over the world donating to his auction!

Now, here’s the teaser part. Here’s what I’m personally offering upon the altar of donation for the Evil Auction:

  • A signed copy of All Wounds OR Light In A Dark World (bidder’s choice) and some swag
  • A crit of first chapter of your manuscript
  • An Evil League of Evil Writing mentorship with partners
  • Knitted Evil in the form of an Ugly Horizontal Stash Scarf made up of random bits I have left over from Other Projects
  • The chance to name a character in my next novel
  • A tea parcel including a tea mug, some of Dina’s Favorite Tea and a little Knitted Evil mug hug to keep your tea warm
  • And there’s lots, lots more!

    There are wonderful things from so many fantastic creative people! It’s going to ROCK! Hope to see you there for bids!

    The Evil Auction – Call To Arms

    Remember that Signal Boost I posted yesterday, about the school fire in Vancouver, WA? Well, the Evil League of Evil Writers is up to its usual no good, and we’re being bad guys.

    My friend and ELEW colleague Seleste deLaney has some details up on her blog about what eviltry we at the ELEW are getting up to.

    To sum up for those who don’t want to clicky the linky, I want your firstborn child.

    No, not really. Keep your spawn to yourself, thanks. If you give them to me I’ll sell them into slavery or eat them for breakfast, because that’s how I roll.

    What I really want are donation items for the Evil Auction we’re plotting. We’ve gotten some awesome, AWESOME donation items already, and this is going to be a great auction! Still, more can’t hurt!

    ETA: The auction is now live, but we’re STILL taking donations! There’s going to be a second round of items going up, so don’t feel like you missed it!

    I’m totally stealing what Seleste says on her blog, because it’s exactly what I want to say:

    We’re organizing a fundraising auction to help Crestline Elementary. We’re looking for donations of time [from authors] (in the form of critiques, mentorships, and phone calls) as well as items (signed books, swag baskets, knitted goods, jewelry…whatever skill you have that you’re willing to ship) to auction off.

    A lot of times, auctions are used to get your name out and spread your brand. This isn’t about that. This is about giving hope back to a bunch of kids, parents, and teachers who are probably feeling a little hopeless right now. It’s not about you or us… it’s about them.

    In the spirit of that, if you have something to donate for the auction, please contact the wonderful ladies who lead our group on a daily basis:

    Skyla Dawn Cameron at skyladawncameron [at] gmail [dot] com
    Dina James at dina [at] dinajames [dot] com

    [DINA’S NOTE: Please CC us both if you mail us, so we can keep things straight, thank you!]

    If you don’t have something to donate, please come back and bid or help spread the word. If you want to donate to the school immediately there were details about that in Lilith’s post.

    Now, you don’t have to be a writer to donate items. I’m looking for anything to auction! If you make jewelry and want to offer an item, awesome, I’ll take it! A musician? I’ll take a CD. An artist? I’ll take a print or an original! A crafter? Crochet, knit or embroider something! Anything will help. We’ll even let you set the opening bid/reserve if you want, or you can leave it up to us to price accordingly.


    1) Used commercially-made items. This is an auction, not a yard sale or thrift store. Unless it’s a used, signed book or rare vinyl album or something. Then we’ll take that. But we don’t want clothes your kid outgrew you’re looking to get rid of or a set of half-dry markers. We really want things you make yourself.

    2) Anyone looking to donate things just to promote themselves. The ELEW reserves the right to decline any offer or donated item for any reason, but especially if your offer is complete crap designed only to promote yourself. (I’m looking at you, Certain Self-Pubbed Author. Just keep walkin’ Preacher Man.) While we’re happy to link your donation to your website, etc., this auction isn’t about self-promo. This is about helping a community with a tragedy.

    In addition to the above, we’re looking for items people will actually want to bid on, and we’re not going to embarrass our Evil Organization by associating it with your bullshit self-promo item no one will bother touching. Mostly because we don’t want to hear the butt-hurt whinging when no one bids on your shit. We’re looking for donations from legitimate writers/musicians/artists/craftspeople only, and by “legitimate” I mean “people who do this for work/get paid to do it.” Or, in less-polite terms, if you’re self-published, we’re not going to be your platform, don’t bother, the answer is no, go away. Yes, this is totally discriminatory and evil and whatnot, but maybe you missed the part where we’re an EVIL LEAGUE OF EVIL WRITERS and this is AN EVIL AUCTION. We can discriminate however we want, and will do so with extreme prejudice. Again, this auction is NOT about self-promo.

    Now, what do you get in return for your donation?

    1) Good karma
    2) A little exposure on the auction site (this is more a side-effect than an intentional thing, as this isn’t about self-promo, remember)
    3) The eternal gratitude of the ELEW and the Evergreen School District

    When the auction site is ready to go live (and believe me, we’re working furiously on it), I’ll post a link so you can see the shiny pretty. We’re hoping to do that by the end of the week. This kind of thing isn’t easy or fast, but we’re doing what we can to get it off the ground, starting with things like this.

    There’s lots going on with this auction, and there’s a lot more eviltry on the way. Even if you can’t donate, a signal boost on any of your social media will help. Donating to the school directly will also be a huge help. (Be sure and select “Crestline Elementary” from the “Select Fund For Donation” dropdown. Save your receipt, too, as there may be eviltry involved just for that!)

    Thank you all to those who have already contributed to this and other fundraisers benefitting Crestline Elementary School, and to those who intend to.

    That’s all for now. More as it develops.

    Evil Bloggery

    It’s been awhile since I said anything here about my bi-monthly contributions to the Evil League of Evil Writers blog, so I’ll just toss in a reminder here. I post there every other Monday. Today I’m talking about your argument being invalid.

    Stop by. Enjoy. Comment if you feel like it. Pass it on to others you think need a dose of evil in their lives.

    For we are the Evil League of Evil Writers.