It’s Here! It’s Release Day!

Look! Look! All Wounds is here!

I’m overwhelmed, really. Thank you to so many people for not only making this possible, but for supporting me and promoting me and just generally being awesome. I have the best friends, and the coolest fans. You all rock!

I mean, Ilona Andrews has me featured on her blog’s sidebar under friend’s release (scroll down to the bottom – I need to figure out how to do something like this on my own site), Lilith Saintcrow (the Bad Horse of the ELEW) pimps me out her blog post today, Skyla Dawn Cameron does the same…wow. Just…wow, you guys. Thanks.

Because you are all so cool, I’ll give you all a little treat. I’ll post a very short excerpt of the book. Short because I’m evil. (But you knew that.)

All Rebecca really wanted to do was go to sleep, take care of her nana, and go to school in the morning and deal with Marla Thompson like normal.

Instead she was sitting at a table with a werewolf and a vampire, listening to them discuss how best to raid a demon lair.

All right, all right. Since you are all SO awesome, I’ll throw one of my Evil Giveaway things. Not just yet, though. I’ll need to see if I can procure something evil for it first. If the evil works, BWAH-HA-HA-HA! If it does not, we’ll have the giveaway without it.

I now go in search of this new devilry.

Stay tuned. We’re gonna kick it up a notch in the next day or so.

Preview – there will be PRIZES. Hee!

4 thoughts on “It’s Here! It’s Release Day!

  1. Sigh Yet another really awesome book I have to go buy. I want everyone to stop writing for one year. Just one year. I need to catch up reading!

    Love the cover and the first chapter is just outstanding.

  2. I’ve been looking forward to this novel for so long and am so disappointed that Mundania Press is having issues right now. I bought the book this morning but couldn’t download for some reason. I emailed them and still haven’t heard back. *Sigh* Patience is a virtue….The little snippet was great and made me even more frustrated I can’t get my hands on it yet! Congrats and hope you sell lots!

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