It’s Here! It’s Release Day!

Look! Look! All Wounds is here!

I’m overwhelmed, really. Thank you to so many people for not only making this possible, but for supporting me and promoting me and just generally being awesome. I have the best friends, and the coolest fans. You all rock!

I mean, Ilona Andrews has me featured on her blog’s sidebar under friend’s release (scroll down to the bottom – I need to figure out how to do something like this on my own site), Lilith Saintcrow (the Bad Horse of the ELEW) pimps me out her blog post today, Skyla Dawn Cameron does the same…wow. Just…wow, you guys. Thanks.

Because you are all so cool, I’ll give you all a little treat. I’ll post a very short excerpt of the book. Short because I’m evil. (But you knew that.)

All Rebecca really wanted to do was go to sleep, take care of her nana, and go to school in the morning and deal with Marla Thompson like normal.

Instead she was sitting at a table with a werewolf and a vampire, listening to them discuss how best to raid a demon lair.

All right, all right. Since you are all SO awesome, I’ll throw one of my Evil Giveaway things. Not just yet, though. I’ll need to see if I can procure something evil for it first. If the evil works, BWAH-HA-HA-HA! If it does not, we’ll have the giveaway without it.

I now go in search of this new devilry.

Stay tuned. We’re gonna kick it up a notch in the next day or so.

Preview – there will be PRIZES. Hee!

Busy Dina Is Busy

La, la, la, urf.

(“Urf” is a special multipurpose Dina-ism that means anything from “omg srsly” to “@$%*#!%$!@#$%!@!!” depending on usage. Here it is meant to express my apathy and fatigue at the ridiculous length of my to-do list, and my reluctance to engage in what’s listed there.)

In other news, today I’m over at the Evil League of Evil Writers blog talking about being a Speshul Snoflake.

I’m going to be insanely busy for the next month or more, so I will be scarce. I anticipate having a little breathing room around the middle of September.

In case I don’t get to say it, a safe and happy Labor Day weekend to all who celebrate it, and thank you to summer for being gentle with me this year. I will not miss you. Close the door on your way out and take the tourists with you.

Upcoming events!

I’m thinking about another fun giveaway thing next month to celebrate the return of my beloved autumn like I had when winter ended and left me with spring. Maybe another round of Alphabet Stew. We’ll see. Still contemplating this one.

Also there will be a fun little thing on my blog in mid-October to celebrate the release of All Wounds. Not sure what this one is going to entail. I mean, I’m already doing a blog tour, and there will be fun things to see and win for a couple weeks there. There will definitely be something on my blog! We’ll see. Stay tuned!

For those attending this weekend, ENJOY DRAGON*CON. *sniff* I envy you all. Maybe next year for me. We’ll have to see!

That’s it for now. *sighs at to-do list* *gets going*

General Updatey Thingy

I know it’s been awhile since I blogged, and even longer since I’ve vlogged, and for that I’m truly sorry. I’m exceedingly busy with a lot of offline stuff, as well as deadlines and so on. (I hear you over there! “Well, Dina, you have time to knit!” SHUT UP! I need my sanity time! I also play World of Warcraft…what of it? Better I do those things than other things that would earn me jail time!)

Anyway, here’s an updatey post. I was going to do Five Things Make A Post, but I don’t think I have five things, so we’ll just carry on, shall we? Continue reading

Dina Leaves The Lair. In Broad Daylight. On Purpose.

I know, I know. I’m shocked too. Don’t faint. I know it’s a rare occasion. I usually hide between the spring and autumn equinoxes, not only from the daylight, but from tourists and kids out of school for the summer. I emerge sometime after Labor Day and celebrate the return to normalcy.

But! I don’t pick the times or dates for certain things, and if there’s something I want to go to scheduled in the middle of summer, well…I have to leave the lair. One of those things is a writing seminar scheduled for this weekend (June 3-5) that I’ll be attending. It’s James Scott Bell’s Selling Your Novel and Screenplay Intensive Seminar in Sherman Oaks, CA.

While this doesn’t technically count as “an appearance” as I’m there for the seminar and not to sign books*, I plan to have a drink or two at the hotel bar in the evenings if you want to come say hi! I’ll warn you all now – I have dinner plans both Friday and Saturday evening, so I’m not sure when I’ll be at the bar. Watch my Twitter for when I’ll be there. I’m a night person, and so it will probably be late. Like toward closing time. Unless I stay out late at dinner partying or something. Hey, I’m a writer. Things could happen.

I’m not taking my laptop, so I won’t be checking email or Facebook or anything. Please hold all catastrophes and end of the world events until Monday, June 6. I don’t have one of those fancy phones or an i-Thingy that lets me do all that stuff, either. I have a cell that sends text messages to Twitter, but I can’t read Twitter on it. So there you have it. I will be…*gasp*…out of touch!

So there you have it. I’ll be gone this weekend. Plan accordingly and have the mess cleaned up by the time I get home. I’m outtie. I solemnly swear I am up to no good. There will be witnesses. Hopefully there will not be news coverage or jail time.

(*Though I won’t be offended if you bring books you want me to sign when I’m not “in class.”)

New Book Annoucement!

News, I has it.

Yeah, I was supposed to write this post before April 29, when I had a guest interview at the lovely Sarah-Jane Lehoux’s blog (thanks again for the fun, SJ!) that announced a new shiny thing, but I got busy with things and before I knew it, it was April 29! I was industrious and got the interview done early, but um…kind-of neglected to post to my own blog about it.

What am I talking about? Here…I’ll excerpt the part of the interview that I was supposed to blog about.

… “Light in a Dark World: Legends of the Destrati.” It’s a collection of my short stories focusing on the vampire clan Destrati. Clan Destrati is unique in that the whole of its members have turned away from the one they traded their soul to in order to gain immortality. Destrati feel that the parasitical cost of their existence is too high, and have sworn to redeem themselves in the hope that the soul they traded for immortality might find salvation. Destrati work to keep others from being coerced into trading their own souls, alone or with the guidance of others. These are their stories. Coming from Mundania Press, January 2012.

Yeah. Um…Dina!fail on the announcement there. Time just got away from me. I still need to update the website and send a newsletter and and and….

But! It’s announced now! Here, as penance for my tardiness, I’ll give you a little more detail about this upcoming project.

Light in a Dark World: Legends of the Destrati will be Kyle-centric, but will also feature others associated with Clan Destrati. There will be five or six short stories (this still hasn’t been decided yet – it will depend on my verbosity and the wordcount I end up with) set in various parts of the Destrati world, told from various points of view.

I’ll give you all more specifics as they develop. I know January seems far away, but in the writing world it really isn’t. A lot has to happen between then and now, and I have other projects I’m working on as well.

I love it.

The Great Office Cleanup of 2011

Catchy title, huh?

Yeah, it’s not as great as it sounds. For those who aren’t following me on Twitter, here’s a partial recap of the event. I was going to live tweet the progress, but I was cleaning my desk for the most part, and the lappy had to be moved. So I did a recap, and now this blog post about it. Continue reading

Stuff, Things and So Much Fun

I love being evil! Hee!

Tuesday the 25th I went up to Powell’s at Cedar Hills to attend the joint signing of Lilith Saintcrow, Ilona Andrews, and Devon Monk.

I got there nearly an hour early. It’s a two hour drive into Portland for me, and I was going to be arriving during the tail end of traffic. Plus the weather driving in from the Oregon Coast on a two-lane highway known for some of the most horrific and deadly accidents in the state wasn’t all that great, but I was determined to go.

And wow, was I glad I showed up when I did. Nearly an hour early and already the first three rows of seats were filled, and the rest were filling. Soon it was hot and stuffy with all the people there, but I didn’t care. There were three authors of my genre about to speak and sign!

I met up with my wonderful friend and fellow writer Skye Forbes and her tall spouse, over whom I shall not perv on my blog (except to say that he has really nice eyes…that’s not very pervy, is it? Let’s just say Skye is a lucky lady.). We sat and talked and saw some people we knew (Meljean Brook was there to support her fellow writers! She’s awesome, everyone, just so you know.) and talked more, then it was time for the writers to do some talking.

There was a Q&A (remember, this was just an appearance and signing, so no one read excerpts or gave any spoilers for upcoming works, don’t worry!) and then a giveaway/raffle of some swag, then the signing itself.

You’re wondering what my being evil has to do with all this, aren’t you? Well…I’ll tell you.

In addition to books for each author to sign, I brought evil gift bags.

I ransacked each author’s blog/site for stuff about them I didn’t already know.

(I also cornered Lili on her Twitter to ask her about her particular preferences for a gift I had planned for her under the guise of acquiring knowledge of how different coffee blends taste. Everything I said was true, Lili! I don’t know these things! I drink tea! Yes, I owned a coffee shop once, but just because I know how to make different coffee drinks and brew different blends doesn’t mean I know what they taste like! And I can’t ask my mother the coffee hound, because though she is a mega-coffee freak and weird about her coffee, if it resembles a coffee-like substance (i.e. Folgers, Maxwell House, Yuban), she’ll drink it. A remnant left over from her Army days. (Yes, my mother wore combat boots, and I’m very proud of that fact, thank you!) Even though she knows what “good coffee” tastes like and will grind her own beans in her expensive bean-grinding timer-capable coffee pot I bought her, she’ll still make a cup of instant. Why? Why?

Besides, now I know for research purposes and got to be evil at the same time. Two birds, one stone and all that. Anyway, I digress.)

Back to the eviltry. So I used my powers for evil here.

Ilona Andrews is actually two people – Ilona and her husband Andrew (who goes by Gordon just to make things easy). Ilona likes knitting and Gordon likes action figures and comics. Also, they have dogs that I want to hug, and I’m a complete animal person, so in their gift bag I put knitting things for Ilona, a treat from Harry & David for Gordon (I know jack about comic and action figures, and I’m sorry, I went the Man Route and gave him food. Yes, I know. Shut up. It was GOOD FOOD!), and treats for the pups. Yes, I spoil other people’s pets in addition to my own.

Lili Saintcrow is an awesome woman and brilliant writer. I can’t say enough cool things about her. She ROCKS. She also loves coffee and has recently had hair issues in addition to starting rock climbing. Well, what would you do with that information? I put hair things, a bandanna and some good locally-roasted coffee in her gift bag.

Also, on Twitter, there’s a little in-joke between me, Lili, and a couple other writers about evil cupcakes. I am in charge of evil cupcakes.

Well, again? What would you do with that?

I, being evil and in charge of cupcakes, brought Lili a dozen evil cupcakes. No, I did not make them myself. But that does not make them any less evil.

I surprised the ever-loving Hell out of Lili with those, and THAT, my friends, is what makes me evil. The look on her face was priceless when she realized I was “THAT DINA!”, and my place as Evil Gothic Goddess was assured. I love you, Lili. You’re the best.

On to Devon.

I don’t know a great deal about Devon (pronounced “De-VON”, not “Devin”). Her books are in my TBR (to be read) pile, and all I know about her is she’s a local awesome writer and I have a short story in The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2 with her.

This did not stop me from making her an Evil Gift Bag. Devon also likes to knit, so I put some knitting things in her bag as well.

Let’s get one thing straight. I know next to nothing about knitting, but I was assured by both Devon and Ilona that the things I’d chosen for their Evil Gift Bags were actual, usable, knitty-crafty things.

So there you have it. I got to be evil, I had books signed by all four wonderful writers, had a great time with conversation and meeting people, and was – for the most part – social. No beings were harmed in the event of Dina being out of and away from her Lair.

I know. I’m impressed as well. But there were evil cupcakes that needed delivering.

Then I drove home, two hours in the car, on that two-lane dangerous highway in the dark, through the rain and fog. I got home about midnight.

It was SO WORTH IT. So much evil fun, it’s taken me three days to recover and post this.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Here are some pics. Sorry for the messy posting – I’m still getting used to this blog thing. I’ll put them on FB too, just because I’m evil that way.

A Panel of Awesome

A Panel of Awesome

Lili Has An Itch?

Lili Has An Itch?

Happy Authors

Happy Authors

Updatey Thing

It’s Friday, and I’ll once again try the “Five Things Make A Post”, thing.

1. #dietgame on Twitter – for those who don’t know what #dietgame is, see my previous post on the subject. The weeks are from Monday to Sunday, and this Monday will start the final third of the twelve week round. REPEAT – MONDAY MAY 10th STARTS WEEK 9 of this round of #dietgame. For those who are playing, when you give your reports, you’re reporting on the previous week’s results. i.e. this week’s report is over how well you did or how badly you sucked LAST week. I have a spreadsheet with the reports listed, which I had to reformat today because it was getting too big. Rest assured I have it straightened out now, and some of you are SLACKING OFF BIGTIME. Just because I’m not around to kick your ass doesn’t give you any excuse to LOLLYGAG!

We get new players every round, so if you’re reading this and want to join, you’re welcome to start playing with us during any week. Just follow the rules and you’re on your way!

As for personal progress on #dietgame…let’s just say I’m nowhere near my goal. What muffins? They were on sale! And I gave the cake away! There was no way I was going to eat more than one tiny piece of that. Costco is so wasted on me.

Muffins aside, despite still being mostly good about my food choices, I’ve been backsliding/going the opposite way, which I intend to remedy immediately. Why am I backsliding, you ask? Well, that leads us to –

2. TMI – I’ve addressed TMI in one of my vlogs, and those who are familiar with my idiosyncrasies know that I’m not a real sharer-type. This is not to say that I don’t ask for help if I’m truly in need, but I generally don’t whine or even mention anything that goes on in my life that anyone could possibly offer sympathy for. There are exceptions to this. My animals, always, are an exception. The moment anything is wrong with my babies, I broadcast it. Things though like, say, a death in the family or major medical diagnosis or injury or whatever – those things I keep to myself. This is not to say that “when Dina is quiet you should start worrying”, because it’s not like that. I just don’t want people offering me their sympathies, which is why anyone would share something like a death in the family, right? To let people know they’re hurting and need comforting? Yeah, I don’t do that. I deal with things my way, and that’s, for the most part, alone.

And I like it that way.

I know, I get in a lot of shit for doing this. People, friends and family, get angry with me for dealing/coping with issues on my own/for leaving them out of the loop. “If you’d said something/if I’d known, I would have _____!”

Yeah. Exactly. That’s WHY I didn’t say anything, because I didn’t want them to respond at all, let alone like that.

I’m weird this way and I’m trying to be better about it. I’m fiercely independent, to a fault. To my own detriment, sometimes. I have a hard time handling compassion and compliments and nice things. Criticism? No problem. Criticize away. Insults? Go for it. I’m meaner than you are, I promise, and I’m secure in my existence. Tough I can handle. Compliments? Yeah…working on that.

What does that say about my psychological make-up, I wonder? Anyway, that’s fodder for a later ponder.


3. What does my mini-rant about TMI have to do with anything? Well, I’ve been busy. That’s the explanation. The fact that I’m even attempting to acknowledge that I haven’t been as around as I usually am shows actual concern and involvement on my part, I think. Rather than waiting for someone to eventually realize that I’m not up to my usual evil (and believe me, this gets noticed – I’m not sure this is a compliment. “Sure is quiet around here…wait…where’s Dina?”), I’m just posting it here. I’ve been busy. With what? TMI/personal stuff. I’ve said before, writers have lives. I have friends and family and concerns about bills and have to go grocery shopping and do laundry like everyone else, and sometimes “real” life gets in the way of online life.

Which brings me to –

4. “Real” vs. “online” life.

I’m one of these rare people that doesn’t have an “online persona”. Who I am online is exactly who you’ll see if you ever meet me. I make no bones about the fact that I’m rude, uncouth, tactless, and evil (mostly evil). I’m also (I will reluctantly admit before someone else calls me on it – you know who you are)…gah, I can’t even say it. All right! All right! I’m…kindofniceandlookoutforpeopleanddonatetothingsandcaresortofaboutcertainissues.

There. I said it. Before Skyla can accuse me of being all nice and stuff. I’m evil! EVIL I SAY!


But back to the subject. Real vs. online life. I realize that, while I do play a little more on the “evil” side of me a bit for laughs (it’s funny ’cause it’s true!), most people understand my evil sense of humor, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. I’ve “met” some really, really awesome people via Twitter and Facebook, and I’m constantly amazed at the power of both things.

There are “real people” behind those usernames. While that can be annoying at times, like with pirates and trolls, most are just genuine people out to make a connection with other genuine people. I wish more douchebags would keep that in mind when they post things that make them look like the douchebags they are.

Unless they’re going for that…I don’t know…

And finally –

5. Just because I’ve been busy does not mean I haven’t been writing. On the contrary. I’m working, just not on anything that has a publication date set. And speaking of publication, I don’t have anything new to share with you all at the moment. All Wounds is still out on submission, and the submission process can take a long time. Don’t give up hope! I’ll let those patiently waiting know what’s up the moment I have anything I can share with you.

For those on the mailing list, there’s a newsletter coming out soon, I promise. I’ll be vlogging soon too…as soon as I have something to vlog about. I can barely come up with five things to BLOG about. A vlog takes a little more thought and effort.

So that’s all I have for you for now.

Oh, Very Well…

I’ll post something just so people don’t think I’m dead or anything. I’m not. Really. I’m just…well….

It’s a combination between “apathy” and “busy”. Meaning, I have stuff to do, but I really can’t be bothered to do it.

I think they call that “lazy”.

But I’m not that, because I’m being productive. I’ve been writing like a fiend (though I’ve taken the week off to get things around the house done). I have lots going on this month on the personal front, so I’m busy there too.

It’s not that I’m not around, or not doing anything. I just don’t have a whole lot going on that’s blog-worthy. No Things of Awesome to share with you all lately. I haven’t done a vlog in months. I do have notes for one. It’s just finding the time, etc. That and I’m vain, and need my hair done. I’ll call for an appointment tomorrow. My red has faded, I have several inches of grow-out and there are colors other than what I want showing, so something’s got to be done.

I’ll be buying my ticket for Dragon*Con later this week, so yay for that.

That’s about all I have for you all at the moment. If I’m anywhere at the moment, it’s on Twitter.


P.S. Thanks for the fan mail, those who’ve written and added the blog to their feeds! You’re awesome, really!