You Need A Hero Giveaway

“…a land in turmoil cried out for a hero…”

Given recent socio-economic-political circumstances in the United States, there has been much to despair about. Like many others, I have thought a great deal about what I can do about them, and there’s not a whole lot I can.

You see, like Kameron Hurley, I have a chronic illness. I am on the List of Undesirables and while I may not be one of the first casualties of this new authoritarian regime (and make no mistake, people…this is an authoritarian regime on the rise. This is not alarmist speech – this is fact), I will most likely be a casualty at some point.

But it is not this day.

This day, I still draw breath, and if I can do that, I can still fight. All I really have left to do that with are words and yarn, and those are powerful things. They can be the most deadly of weapons, and I am here to arm you.

Together with my enabler handler friend Skyla Dawn Cameron, we bring to you pointy objects of mayhem.

herogiveaway (Shiny graphic made by bitchin’ designer, Skyla Dawn Cameron of Indigo Chick Designs)

Like all implements of destruction, these do not come free, however. These will cost you a donation to someplace that will help shield those in greatest need. Those higher on the list of undesirables than I.

My chosen organizations for your support are The Trevor Project and the Trans Lifeline. For every dollar you donate to these, you get an entry into the giveaway for these shiny things:

Lot 1 – The Hero Package:
Special Edition* copies of both All Wounds and Time Heals
– a copy of my short story collection Legends of the Destrati
– a hand-knit Hero of Canton Cunning Hat (to be knit upon confirmation of win)
– black tea mug (cozy not included unless you’re both really really nice [by which I mean “generous”] and you’re willing to wait for me to make one)
– yummy tea I will personally choose for you


Lot 2 – The Rescue Package:
Special Edition* copies of both All Wounds and Time Heals
– a copy of my short story collection Legends of the Destrati
– hand-knit Cowl of Justice
– black tea mug (see above about the cozy being included)
– yummy tea


To enter – after you’ve donated, forward your email receipt from the charity in question to dina at dinajames dot com to be entered. Donations from November 1 onward are eligible for entry, so if you’ve already donated before this went live, pass me your receipt and I’ll enter you.

Donate $20 to Trevor Project? Get twenty entries. Donate $10 to Trans Lifeline and $10 to Trevor Project? Get twenty entries. Donate $5 to Trans Lifeline? Get five entries. The more you give, the more chances you get, but even donating as little as $1 gets you in the running. You have until 11:59PST on November 30 to enter.

It doesn’t stop there: next head over to Skyla Dawn Cameron’s site where donations to Planned Parenthood and/or RAINN will enter you to win yet another amazing hero prize pack as well.

We all need heroes some time in our lives. Be one with your donation.

This giveaway is open to international readers. My giveaway, my postage. Tell your friends.

*These Special Editions were made as prizes for giveaways and at signings. The only way to get one of these is through one of those, and there weren’t many made. They’re super shiny!

Last Stop – Time Heals Blog Tour Day 9

Today Skyla Dawn Cameron has a great blog post and SHINY THINGS up for the last stop on the Time Heals blog tour. Skyla is my Editor of Awesome, a brilliant author in her own right, and all-around kick-ass chick. Go for the blog post, stay for the awesome.

Also, Dean Winchester.

Go see!

P.S. For this last stop on the blog tour, we have SUPER SPECIAL SEKRIT SHINIES! Just sayin’!

Time Heals Giveaway Winner & Blog Tour Day 7

All right! My big launch giveaway for Time Heals is over now, and it’s time to pick a winner! Let’s go over to the Almighty Number Generator and see who wins!

And the winner is…Cassey Briggs! Congratulations, Cassey! I’ll email you with details!

Onto the rest of the tour!

Today I’m over at Good Choice Reading with some interesting interview questions! There are shiny things there, so if you haven’t won something yet, there’s still a chance to! Go over there and have a look around!

Time Heals Blog Tour Day 6

Whoo hoo! Week two of the blog tour and the home stretch! You’re all probably tired of hearing about this by now, but don’t worry. It will be over soon. Well, for a few months anyway. I’ve got to get to work on the third book in the Stranger Things series.

You knew about that, right? Yeah, there’s going to be a third one. So there’s that.

Anyway, today I’m over at Two Chicks On Books talking about the music that influences my writing. There are shiny things! Go see and sign up to win them!

Time Heals Blog Tour Day 5

Today I’m over at the fantastic Kerry Schafer’s blog! There’s an Evil Interview up I had loads of fun with, so go check it out and see what no-goodness we get up to over there! Thank you, Kerry, for having me on your blog!

Also, don’t forget the Time Heals giveaway still in progress here on my blog! You have until Tuesday to do your thing.

That’s all we have on tour for the week. Next week we start anew, with more interviews, more shiny things and more evil!

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!

Time Heals Blog Tour Day 3

Ready for more shiny things?

All right then!

Today I’m over at Bitten By Books. I’ll be there most of the day talking about Time Heals – answering questions, general chatting and so on. There’s a $50.00 gift card up for grabs, and you can enter for that here:

Bitten By Books Rafflecopter giveaway

Mel over at Mel’s World is amazing. Not only did she have an interview with me on Monday (we talked about Billy), yesterday she put up a teaser and offered you some shinies, and today she’s got a review up! Go and see! (I think she likes the book.)

Time Heals Blog Tour Day 2

Whoo hooo! Tuesday!

Today is the second day of the blog tour, and have I got some stuff for you!

First, tomorrow is a big day on the tour. I’m going to be over at Bitten By Books and there will be shiny things. BUT! In order to get those shiny things, you have to go do stuff and things, and one of those things that will help you win the shiny is going here to RSVP for the Launch Party tomorrow. Go on! Go on then! I’ll wait right here.

Back? Okay, good. Because there’s more!

Mel at My World in Words and Pages is spoiling me (okay, you!) again with a wonderful giveaway and a snippet of the book on her Teaser Tuesday today.

The wonderful Jennifer (who put all this evil together – thank you again, Jennifer) at Books Make Me Happy Reviews has a review up today AND more shiny things, so go check out the post and see what’s there!

Stay tuned, because there’s more tomorrow!

Time Heals Is Here!

It’s been a long time coming, but today’s the day.

Time Heals is out today!

Now, as I’ve said before, I’ll be doing a two-week promotional blog tour, and I promised shiny things.

I keep my promises.


As we did with All Wounds, this is going to be the huge Time Heals Giveaway Post!

For this book, I’ve done something special. For you, my wonderful fans who not only enable but encourage my crazy, I’ve made something.

Something especially for today.

For this book.

For this release.

I’ve had it done for awhile and I’m so pleased to offer it to you now.

For this book, I’ve hand-knitted an item Rebecca wears in Time Heals. A gray cowl.


Me modeling the different ways to wear this cowl.

Me modeling the different ways to wear this cowl.

The cowl is knit in Tahki Yarns Montana – 100% Pure New Wool in All-Natural Colors Made In Italy according to the label. It’s a thick beautiful natural gray, and 100% wool, so if you’re allergic to wool, my condolences. Though I don’t use Red Heart yarn (I’m a fiber snob, okay?), the pattern I used for this cowl is from them, so for those interested in knitting their own, there it is.

As I didn’t use the yarn the pattern calls for, the cowl requires some special care. Handwash only, no iron, no dryer, etc. I’ll send care instructions along with it to the winner of the giveaway. Just keep this in mind when entering.

But wait, there’s more!

Also up for grabs are:

A swag packet that includes a bookmark, bookplate, a set of vampire teeth, and samples of ALL FOUR of the custom tea blends I’ve made at Adagio Teas.

This is just an example photo. There will be four sample packets of tea included in this giveaway.

This is just an example photo. There will be four sample packets of tea included in this giveaway.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a book release giveaway if I weren’t giving away the book as well, now would it?

Not only am I giving away a signed copy of Time Heals (Stranger Things #2)

TH Cover

…I’m also including a signed copy of All Wounds (Stranger Things #1) to get you in the Stranger Things mood.*
Cover AW Small

I don’t know about you, but I hate finding out a book I want to read is in the middle of a series I haven’t read from the beginning! Hopefully this fixes all that!

Now, how can you win this prize pack of awesome?

I’m going to make you work for it.

You will have to blog, vlog, tweet, (No Facebooking!** – they have rules about this sort of thing, so Facebook entries are void and prohibited and barred from this giveaway) or otherwise pimp this giveaway somewhere online. It doesn’t have to be all of them, but the more you do it, the more entries you’ll get! This contest is open to all over the age of 13 regardless of location. International okay. Void where prohibited, blah blah blah.

Here’s the hard part – I’m not going to hunt down your entries.

YOU MUST COMMENT ON THIS BLOG ENTRY ON MY WEBSITE WITH LINKS TO THE PLACES YOU’VE PIMPED THE GIVEAWAY. (DMs, messages, comments on mirror sites like Livejournal, and emails do not apply! Only comments on the website will be counted! Also, comments are always moderated so they won’t show up right away!)

Each link or whatever counts as an entry. You can do this once a day from the moment you read this until the giveaway ends at 11:59:59PM Pacific Standard Time, Tuesday, April 1, 2013 but they have to be unique links. No using the same links over and over. Each entry must be a new entry.

The more you pimp the giveaway and let me know you’ve done it, the better your chances of winning!

When the giveaway is over, The Almighty Random Number Generator will choose the winner.

If you win, again, I’m not hunting you down. Leave me a way to get in touch with you that’s NOT through Facebook. They have weird rules about that sort of thing.


What: Dina’s Time Heals Giveaway

Up for grabs: Rebecca’s hand-knit gray cowl, swag packet with four tea samples, signed copy of Time Heals, and a signed copy of All Wounds.

Time: Now Through Midnight PST Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How To Enter: Blog, vlog, tweet, or otherwise pimp (NO FACEBOOKING!**) this giveaway and comment on this giveaway post on my website with the links to where you pimped it. No reusing linkage.

International okay, open to all over age 13. Void where prohibited, la la la.

Now go forth and pimp to enter! (Goldfish platform shoes not included.)

*If you already have a signed copy of All Wounds, we’ll work something out.

** If you want to make a post on Facebook telling people about this giveaway, you may do so, HOWEVER – these will not and cannot count toward your entries in this giveaway. From the linked post: You can simply post a link on your page to the contest. And, to be fully safe, I would also include this disclosure, “This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.”