Evil Auction Post – Round One Closing!

EvilButton1Most of you know about the Evil Auction by now. My partners in crime, Skyla Dawn Cameron and the rest of the Evil League of Evil Writers, and I have been busting our collective asses for the last ten days getting this thing organized, and it’s been a success beyond any of our imaginings. Thank you all, so much, donors and bidders, for helping make Round One over $3500 in pledges for Crestline Elementary School.

And that’s just Round One.

Alas, Round One auctions END TODAY! This evening at 5PM Pacific/8PM Eastern, these items will go to their highest bidders. I encourage you to take one last look, especially at items you may have already bid on, just to make sure everything is set, because once the clock strikes Auction’s End, Round One is over!

There is, of course, still Round Two, and there are some AMAZING items up for bid.

Just sayin’!

1 thought on “Evil Auction Post – Round One Closing!

  1. I am So SOrry I am A worm… I am a worm….. didn’t realize you guys didn’t/couldn’t email me.
    Was out of town kept checking the phone for my mail. I thought I was out bid at the last minute,

    Shannon Ginther (weeseldancin@gmail.com)

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