Those who have followed me for awhile know I’m not the best at taking pictures or sharing them. Mostly because it involves tech and I’m not only horrible about taking pics, but I’m crap at getting them off the camera, then resizing, then all the other crap that goes along with it. As such, I don’t update with pics much (though I did pretty well during the De-Gothening).

Having said that, you’ll understand why these pics date back to September and I’m just now getting them posted. Because reasons, okay?! I do take pics with the intent to share them with you all, but I’m crap about it, so that’s why you get these pic!spam posts. They even have their own tag, so yay for that! Continue reading

The De-Gothening Part Sept


No, really, it is. At least, I hope it is. I’m pretty sure it is. We’ll see. Anyway, here’s the story so far:

Part Un
Part Deux
Part Trois
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and Part Six (Same in English and French)

You can also click on the “adventures in remodeling” tag to see the collection of horrors on the same page. In case you’ve forgotten, here’s why I label these posts in French.

This week’s adventure is my office!

Remember once upon a time I told you that the office was previously wallpapered and its removal had revealed a terrifying shade of yellow? Yeah. Here you go:

The floor in here was carpeted when we first moved in, and the people who lived here before didn’t bother putting down dropcloths when they painted (as they were going to carpet), so it’s covered in old paint splatter.

My friend S. and I spent days removing the wallpaper earlier this spring, and despite our best efforts, there was still a lot of glue and other nastiness on the walls in here, so before I could paint, the walls needed another good scraping/scrubbing. That took an entire evening in itself to finish. Next up, the taping around the windowsills and so on (you can see that in the pic above). Removal of the outlet covers, and onto the first cover-up coat.

We were a little short on paint here for this. I had an entire gallon of Glidden Ultra-Hide white, which the ceiling, trim, and baseboards stay, but there was a little accident with the paint can and a great deal of paint ended up being taken from the dropcloth instead of the can. Fortunately we had just enough to cover the ceiling and trim for the first coat. I ended up going to Home Depot for more paint and tape the following morning. You can see the results and the fact that it’s now nightfall here:

After this, it was still technically early, and we had enough beige paint for at least two coats, which – this room being lighter than the others we’ve previously painted – we thought should be plenty for this room. So, we got to work on the first coat and called it for the evening.

The next day while I went to Home Depot to pick up more paint, He Who Enables My Crazy knocked out the second coat of Fucking Beige (hereafter abbreviated “FBOMGIC” – pronounced “effbombgick” for “Fucking Beige OMG I Can’t”). I forgot to take a picture of the first coat before I left, so here’s one of what it looked like after he finished the second coat:

We let his second coat dry for an hour or so, then I went back in, taped off the windows so I wouldn’t ruin his new paint around the trim, opened the new can of white I picked up and got to work on the second coat around the windows. I let that dry the rest of the day, then later that evening pulled all the tape off and that was that. The office was complete:

For those following along at home, the completion of the office brings the upstairs to 90% complete.
All that’s left is our bedroom and the Last Remaining Bastion of Gothdom in the hallway. I NEED THAT BASTION. It’s my only sanity in this Mundane Makeover.

I will say, though, that the beige in here – though not a color I would ever choose to live with – is vastly more endurable than the terrifying shade of yellow this room used to be. That yellow was so garish, the FBOMGIC is almost bearable.


What’s next? Well, it’s going to be a busy couple weeks. Lots going on. Shout-out here to Awesome Friend R. for her help in organizing the chaos in the garage. I’d have no idea what to do with that giant mess if it weren’t for her expertise in the realm of re-homing items, and I am grateful she made the time to come and sort things out with me.

As you can see from the schematic, the Cat Room/Library is nearly complete. There’s just a few totes to go through and some cleaning to do down there before we can prep it to be painted. We also repainted the stairwell FBOMGIC because reasons, and I’ll give you pics of that later. The utility room is done and now serves as something of a staging area for Things To Go To The Storage Unit. The workshop is coming along at a nice clip, too, so I can now see light at the end of the de-Gothening tunnel.

Oh, I promised you photos of the twenty-plus totes of books I’ve taken to the storage unit. I kept forgetting, but the last time we took a load over, I snapped one. Here you go:

Now, not all of those totes are full of books. (And there are some totes not pictured.) The majority of them are, and there are still a few downstairs to take over. We’re still working down there, and sorting out the “keep” books versus the “Powell’s tote” versus the “donation” ones, so I have no doubt that once we’re finished (soon, now), there will be more to go over. I’m guessing by the time we’re done, there will be at least thirty totes full of books over in the storage unit. DON’T JUDGE ME. WE LOVE OUR BOOKS. WE’VE GOTTEN RID OF SOME. (SOME!) We’re also going to keep some books here because reasons.

So that’s all I have for you right now on the de-Gothening front. I am so sick of boxes and totes and papers and everything that’s accumulated in this house the last *mumblemumble* years. I’m angry at myself for letting it get this bad. I’m trying hard not to slip into a malaise of mundane, but every room that joins the Mundane Makeover pierces my dark and evil soul. Fortunately my friends and family are keeping me sane with movies and Vaders and tea and chocolate (thank you, D.!) and pretty Goth things, like these awesome handmade tiaras made by my friend Valtinen. He’s taking commissions, too, so if you’ve got a wedding coming up or anything else (Halloween is around the corner, so if you need anything cool like this for your costume or just everyday wear, get your order in now!), drop him a line. His prices are excellent and the workmanship brilliant. Go. Give him money. Get something beautiful. If flowered tiaras aren’t your thing, he has other awesome stuff for sale. If you have an idea in mind for something Gothy you want and you don’t see it, mail him!

It’s almost over. I keep telling myself that – it’s almost over. I’m planning to list the house in a couple weeks, and we’ll see what happens then. I’m really proud of all we’ve done over the summer, and I’m actually really glad that the things we put in totes and boxes to “go through later” are being dealt with, but holy hell am I tired of it.

But every time I want to quit, the neighbor’s little yappy rat-dog starts barking, or the neighborhood hellions scream by on their skateboards and motorcycles, or I hear someone setting off illegal fireworks and scaring my animals, or sirens start blaring, or some idiot cruises down the street with their bass turned up so loud it rattles my windows and deregulates my heart rhythm, and I want to go get another paintbrush and start on something else. Because every room finished brings me one step closer to getting the fuck out of this place, and that’s what all this is about.

Soon, now.

The De-Gothening Part Deux

It continues. It’s a process. You can find Part Un here.

So, once again, my lovely friend S. came to let me cry on her shoulder because BEIGE OH MY GOD IT’S FUCKING BEIGE I CAN’T help me paint my living room. I should mention something here about my friend S. She LOVES to paint. I mean, LOVES IT. Give her a paintbrush and a can of paint and a blank wall and she will be happy for days. If it weren’t for her, I’d put this de-Gothening off forever. No, really…she’s the driving force behind this. Well, that and the fact that it’s nearly June and I want to get my house on the market and the realtor is waiting for my call and I hate my annoying barely-out-of-diapers neighbors who have kids of their own and party every fucking weekend and have little yappy dogs that get under the gate of my fenced yard and poop and drive my own non-yappy dog crazy and there’s so much to do…. So, yeah. S. is freakin’ awesome. She’s helped me out so much. I feel totally lazy compared to her, even though I’ve been busting my ass working on something almost every day (I make it a point to do something to get this house ready for sale every day possible). Usually in the garage that’s been stuffed full of crap the last *mumblemumble* years since we’ve been here, so it’s Not Visible Progress Unless You Go In There, but hey…it’s progress! S. also brings me gorgeous pastries from this amazing bakery in the city when she goes up there. Her yarn stash is beyond epic. I aspire to her greatness in many ways.

Friend T. has also been instrumental in this endeavor. Friend T. has The Truck of Awesome. It hauls many, many things to and fro. A good number of trips have been made to our local dump waste transfer station thanks solely to T. and his Truck of Awesome Which Hauls All The Things. There will be more Hauling Of The Things once I obtain an offsite storage unit for Things I Want But Don’t Need To Show Prospective Buyers. Like the *cough* twenty-plus twelve gallon totes of books ready to go in the library *cough*. While awesome to behold (I will take a pic before we haul them to the storage unit), prospective buyers will be coming to see the house, not our literary addiction.

But! You’re not here to read about my Friends of Coolness. You’re here to see the pics of the de-Gothening. *sigh* But…but I don’t…

Please don’t judge me for the normalcy you’re about to see. This isn’t about me (I WILL NEVER GET USED TO SAYING THAT OH MY GOD). This is about selling the house to people who want one, and making it look nice for that.

I’m stalling, aren’t I? All right. *takes deep breath* Pics below the cut. Click if you’re brave. Continue reading

The De-Gothening of Dina

Well, my house anyway. Not me, personally. I will never not be me. Long story…lemme sum up:

Last year sometime, He Who Enables My Crazy and I looked upon the neighborhood and the many changes it has gone through in the last *mumblemumble* years we’ve been here and decided it was time to move. Now, we are both aware that neighborhoods grow and change, and we’ve been here a significant amount of time. What was once a quiet street in an out-of-the-way part of a small town has become noisy and crowded and busy. Both of us are former military brats, and eighteen months was the longest either of us had ever spent anywhere while we were growing up, so the fact that we’ve been in this house for as long as we have is utterly amazing. For people who were accustomed to uprooting everything every other year and moving to not just a new house, but a new location entirely, settling down was a foreign concept. This is likely the reason we’ve stayed in our little house on our quiet street for so long, and the neighborhood just grew around us while we went about our lives.

The time has now come for that to change. We’ve been poking around online looking at houses here and there, but nothing really serious. We know we’re going to move. It’s just a question of when and where. First things first, though, and that means selling our current house. Toward the end of summer last year, I spoke with my realtor. I’ve known her for *mumblemumble* (Look, she SOLD ME THIS HOUSE, okay? I’m just as surprised as you that she’s still in the game, but I’m so glad she is, as she’s awesome.), and she gave us a list of things to do before we list our property. Many things on that list include undoing things I’ve spent the last *mumblemumble* doing to make this house mine. Every room is a different color, and that’s not going to fly with potential buyers (especially my black and silver foyer). So…yeah. In order to put this house on the market (I’m hoping to do so by June at least. It depends on how fast we get things in shape.), we’re going to have to de-Gothify it. (MY LITTLE BLACK EVIL HEART IS BREAKING, OKAY? I WEEP AT THIS TO-DO LIST!)

So, well…*sigh*. Please don’t judge me for the mundane you’re about to see. This is not about me. (YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HARD THAT IS TO SAY. It was even harder to accept.) Cut here for pic!spam. Continue reading

In Which I Finally Learn To Get Pics Off The Camera

So…I’m kind of a technophobe. I know, I know. It goes against every geekery bone in my body. Tech is wonderful, I’ll admit, but I find most electronic gadgetry (except power tools, which are like my candy) intimidating and I really don’t like change.

Lemme ‘splain. (Cut here for pic!spam) Continue reading