Alphabet Stew (‘Cause Soup Ain’t Gonna Cut It)

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! WE HAVE OUR WINNER! Congratulations to Johanna Harness! She was the first to guess correctly with QUIT, CAMP, and GOLD. Thank you all for playing. This rocked. We’ll play again in a month or so!

Clarification/Disclaimer: It’s well-known I hate people. I like individuals, not people. I’m anti-social and possibly something that ends in “-pathic.” This should not surprise you.

Still here?

Carry on. There are things to win!

Today, I am INAMOOD. Today, I am homicidal. Today I want to sit and knit and play World of Warcraft (I’m in DEEPHOLM, DAMN IT!) and drink tea and NOT do anything on my very long to-do list. (This may be partially why I’m INAMOOD – I have to go out and deal with people, and I’ve had enough of them today reading the news. I should not read the news.)

So! In order to combat my annoyance with the race that claims to be human (I’m still looking for the “humanity” part), I offer you awesome individuals a fun little something.

I was messing about downstairs and came across my signing tote. This is a large plastic bin that I keep my signing/appearance/swag in, and upon looking inside it, I saw that I have a signed copy of The Eternal Kiss YA anthology left in there. Now, the story I have in it, “All Wounds,” has become a novel and will be out from Mundania Press in October, so I feel kind of bad offering it for sale at signings and stuff when the full version is so close to being available (even though you should totally buy it for the other authors that are in it with me!).

This is good news for you! Why? Because you can have it. All you have to do is solve a little puzzle.

You can do that, right? I mean, it’s a word puzzle (hey, I’m a writer – what did you expect?). If you’re a fan of Scrabble, Boggle, Lexulous, or Babble, this should be cake for you. CAKE I SAY! Cupcakes, if that’s your thing.

Remember these?

Alphabet Magnets

Come on. You remember them.

I have a set of alphabet magnets on my fridge. Well, I did, until the cats stole 9 of the 26 letters. They’re probably under the fridge or the stove or something. Who knows where they are. I bought the magnets and kept them on the lower half of the fridge for my Gothdaughter to play with when she was little. Also, we have a thing for magnets (don’t ask – it’s something my husband started), so…yeah. They’re still here.

Now, of the 17 letters left on the fridge, I have made 3 words of four letters.

Your job? Tell me what those words are.

I’ll give you the letters you can use, and the letters that are missing. The first person to tell me via a comment on this post all three of those words wins the signed copy of The Eternal Kiss. (Also, anyone who has won things from me before knows I always throw random fun things in my prize parcels, so yay!)

Disclaimers: Now, you can’t play this game if your state/country/whatever prohibits such, but this contest is open to all, wherever you may live. I’ll ship anywhere. Also,
you can’t play this game if you’ve been to my house/seen my fridge
. (You know who you are!) I was going to be evil and say that you can’t play if you’ve already won something from me, but what fun is that? Enter away! If you win, you win.

Here are the letters still on my fridge:


Out of those 17 letters, you need to tell me which 3 words (four letters each) are on my fridge. As these are magnets, you’ll use each letter only once. (See? I’m making this SO easy!)

To make it even easier, here are the letters that the cats have misappropriated:
E F H K N S V W Y <--Not to be used! Easier still, I'll tell you that once you've made 3 four letter words, you'll have 5 letters left over from those available. Got all that? Here's a quick rundown: 1. Tell me the 3 four-letter words on my fridge made up of the letters available. 2. Comment on this entry with those 3 words. 3. The first person to tell me ALL THREE words correctly wins a signed copy of The Eternal Kiss anthology. If you all like this game, I might make it a regular thing. "Regular" being subjective. I'm already planning a giveaway thingy for the October release of All Wounds, then I'll probably do something fun for January's release of the Destrati anthology. Ready to play? No deadline for this. The game starts as soon as you read this post and ends when someone gives me the correct 3 words. Annnnnd, GO!

Stuff, Things and So Much Fun

I love being evil! Hee!

Tuesday the 25th I went up to Powell’s at Cedar Hills to attend the joint signing of Lilith Saintcrow, Ilona Andrews, and Devon Monk.

I got there nearly an hour early. It’s a two hour drive into Portland for me, and I was going to be arriving during the tail end of traffic. Plus the weather driving in from the Oregon Coast on a two-lane highway known for some of the most horrific and deadly accidents in the state wasn’t all that great, but I was determined to go.

And wow, was I glad I showed up when I did. Nearly an hour early and already the first three rows of seats were filled, and the rest were filling. Soon it was hot and stuffy with all the people there, but I didn’t care. There were three authors of my genre about to speak and sign!

I met up with my wonderful friend and fellow writer Skye Forbes and her tall spouse, over whom I shall not perv on my blog (except to say that he has really nice eyes…that’s not very pervy, is it? Let’s just say Skye is a lucky lady.). We sat and talked and saw some people we knew (Meljean Brook was there to support her fellow writers! She’s awesome, everyone, just so you know.) and talked more, then it was time for the writers to do some talking.

There was a Q&A (remember, this was just an appearance and signing, so no one read excerpts or gave any spoilers for upcoming works, don’t worry!) and then a giveaway/raffle of some swag, then the signing itself.

You’re wondering what my being evil has to do with all this, aren’t you? Well…I’ll tell you.

In addition to books for each author to sign, I brought evil gift bags.

I ransacked each author’s blog/site for stuff about them I didn’t already know.

(I also cornered Lili on her Twitter to ask her about her particular preferences for a gift I had planned for her under the guise of acquiring knowledge of how different coffee blends taste. Everything I said was true, Lili! I don’t know these things! I drink tea! Yes, I owned a coffee shop once, but just because I know how to make different coffee drinks and brew different blends doesn’t mean I know what they taste like! And I can’t ask my mother the coffee hound, because though she is a mega-coffee freak and weird about her coffee, if it resembles a coffee-like substance (i.e. Folgers, Maxwell House, Yuban), she’ll drink it. A remnant left over from her Army days. (Yes, my mother wore combat boots, and I’m very proud of that fact, thank you!) Even though she knows what “good coffee” tastes like and will grind her own beans in her expensive bean-grinding timer-capable coffee pot I bought her, she’ll still make a cup of instant. Why? Why?

Besides, now I know for research purposes and got to be evil at the same time. Two birds, one stone and all that. Anyway, I digress.)

Back to the eviltry. So I used my powers for evil here.

Ilona Andrews is actually two people – Ilona and her husband Andrew (who goes by Gordon just to make things easy). Ilona likes knitting and Gordon likes action figures and comics. Also, they have dogs that I want to hug, and I’m a complete animal person, so in their gift bag I put knitting things for Ilona, a treat from Harry & David for Gordon (I know jack about comic and action figures, and I’m sorry, I went the Man Route and gave him food. Yes, I know. Shut up. It was GOOD FOOD!), and treats for the pups. Yes, I spoil other people’s pets in addition to my own.

Lili Saintcrow is an awesome woman and brilliant writer. I can’t say enough cool things about her. She ROCKS. She also loves coffee and has recently had hair issues in addition to starting rock climbing. Well, what would you do with that information? I put hair things, a bandanna and some good locally-roasted coffee in her gift bag.

Also, on Twitter, there’s a little in-joke between me, Lili, and a couple other writers about evil cupcakes. I am in charge of evil cupcakes.

Well, again? What would you do with that?

I, being evil and in charge of cupcakes, brought Lili a dozen evil cupcakes. No, I did not make them myself. But that does not make them any less evil.

I surprised the ever-loving Hell out of Lili with those, and THAT, my friends, is what makes me evil. The look on her face was priceless when she realized I was “THAT DINA!”, and my place as Evil Gothic Goddess was assured. I love you, Lili. You’re the best.

On to Devon.

I don’t know a great deal about Devon (pronounced “De-VON”, not “Devin”). Her books are in my TBR (to be read) pile, and all I know about her is she’s a local awesome writer and I have a short story in The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2 with her.

This did not stop me from making her an Evil Gift Bag. Devon also likes to knit, so I put some knitting things in her bag as well.

Let’s get one thing straight. I know next to nothing about knitting, but I was assured by both Devon and Ilona that the things I’d chosen for their Evil Gift Bags were actual, usable, knitty-crafty things.

So there you have it. I got to be evil, I had books signed by all four wonderful writers, had a great time with conversation and meeting people, and was – for the most part – social. No beings were harmed in the event of Dina being out of and away from her Lair.

I know. I’m impressed as well. But there were evil cupcakes that needed delivering.

Then I drove home, two hours in the car, on that two-lane dangerous highway in the dark, through the rain and fog. I got home about midnight.

It was SO WORTH IT. So much evil fun, it’s taken me three days to recover and post this.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Here are some pics. Sorry for the messy posting – I’m still getting used to this blog thing. I’ll put them on FB too, just because I’m evil that way.

A Panel of Awesome

A Panel of Awesome

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