Happy Release Day!

For those waiting for more Kyle, today is the day! Light in a Dark World: Legends of the Destrati is out and available for your reading pleasure!

There at the site you can purchase the book in any format you like. As for third party resellers, here’s generally how it goes:

Kindle is available approximately 24hrs after the release on Mundania’s site.

Amazon: About a week after release (5-8 days).

B&N: About a week after release in print.

Nook: Mundania doesn’t currently upload directly to Nook but it’s available in EPUB format at Mundania & will also be at various other resellers.

All Romance eBooks: 2-3 days after release.

All other resellers like BookDepository, etc, usually have things about a week or two later.

When I have buy links to those places, I’ll post them here.

Now I go to drink tea and go to work on other projects! Enjoy Kyle!

P.S. I’m planning a giveaway at some point. I’m just too busy right now to think about it. Too many irons in the fire, but there will be a giveaway soon!