Time Heals Blog Tour Day 3

Ready for more shiny things?

All right then!

Today I’m over at Bitten By Books. I’ll be there most of the day talking about Time Heals – answering questions, general chatting and so on. There’s a $50.00 gift card up for grabs, and you can enter for that here:

Bitten By Books Rafflecopter giveaway

Mel over at Mel’s World is amazing. Not only did she have an interview with me on Monday (we talked about Billy), yesterday she put up a teaser and offered you some shinies, and today she’s got a review up! Go and see! (I think she likes the book.)

3 thoughts on “Time Heals Blog Tour Day 3

  1. Dina, when did you make the decision to send your first manuscript submission out?

    • That’s a hard question, Connie. I suppose I’d have to say 2007, because I’d been working on a particular story for about 5 years at that time and had tinkered it and rewritten it and gotten good feedback from people whose opinions I trust. I did some research, put together a query packet and left the country.

      No, I mean it. I literally did that. I left the packet with a friend with instructions to mail it (snail mail as that was what the agent I was querying wanted back then) on a certain day.

      I did it this way for two reasons. 1) I had a trip planned and 2) if I were out of the country, there’s no way I could stop her sending it/chicken out.

      Sending your first query is a terrifying thing.

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