Light In A Dark World

(The title of this post is the title of one of my out-of-print books. Clever, huh?)

Whoa. Dusty in here. I mean, I suppose things do gather dust, when you let them sit for so long. Like this website.

Yeah, yeah. I know I haven’t updated in a year or so. I’ve been a little busy, rescuing kittens and the like. (That site’s out of date too – I’m working on that this week as well.)

What’s so special about now? Well, I’ll tell you.


I am literally quarantined inside my house along with Mr. James, and have been since March 5th. We’ve only gone out for absolute necessities, and the rest of the time are practicing social distancing and self-isolating. It’s driving the extrovert in Mr. James mad, but me? I’m loving it. This is pretty much how I live my life as it is (hi, writer and kitten rescuer), so nothing’s really changed for me, except how often I go out to eat/visit restaurants. (Thank God take-out is still a thing! For now, anyway!)

Now, you all know me. I’m not a joiner. I usually run the other way when “everyone’s doing it.” I don’t do trends, and I don’t do fads.

This is neither of those things. This, my darklings, is a coping strategy, and I adore it when people cope with their issues. I am here to provide you some tools to cope with your own quarantine/self-isolation. (You ARE doing that, right? Washing your hands, disinfecting surfaces, social/physical distancing? Because if you’re not, fuck right off and stop trying to KILL ME AND MY FAMILY! We are all in the high-risk category for this contagion and we depend on you to keep us safe. We’re doing our part. You do yours! Anyway, I digress.)

Along with many other authors and creatives offering distractions in these pain-in-the-ass times (which, despite appearances, WILL PASS), I have uploaded my previously published/out-of-print books in ebook format to Payhip. They are free to download with the coupon code “STAYHOME”. Just put that in at checkout, and everything is free.

No, seriously. Everything. The Destrati Series, the Stranger Things books (1 & 2 – there is no 3, despite rumors). Go.

Click this link to get your FREE QUARANTINE READS!

If you’ve wanted the out-of-print Stranger Things series, now’s your chance.

I don’t have to tell you all how uncomfortable I am offering those books for sale. I have my reasons, and I’m seriously considering taking them down after the coupon code expires.

However the world is forever changed, and we must change with it.

Because that’s how you survive.

Go. Get your free reads. Everything of mine is there for free. If you enjoy, leave me a review somewhere. If you don’t, well, I didn’t force you to read it. Keep that opinion to yourself.

Stay safe, stay vigilant, stay healthy.

Above all, STAY HOME!