All Wounds Blog Tour Post! Interview with the Man-Wolf

(Come on. You know I had to say it.)

Today I’m over at Skyla Dawn Cameron’s blog. Well, I’m not. Billy is. If you’re a fan of the big wolf guy, head on over and take a look. Random Billy swag is up for grabs!

I have one more scheduled stop on the AW Blog Tour. Then I’ll take a week-long internet hiatus and hide from the rest of the world to recover.

Also, random…how cool is this:

All Wounds at Mundania
All Wounds on Amazon
All Wounds on Amazon UK
All Wounds at Barnes & Noble
All Wounds at the Book Depository

(Nicked from Skyla’s blog. Thanks for the linkage and interview, Skyla!)

6 thoughts on “All Wounds Blog Tour Post! Interview with the Man-Wolf

  1. Hehehhe. I never claimed to consistently do things the smart way! Also, I did it at work, between other stuff, so concentration may have been somewhat lacking. Or maybe it was caffeine that was lacking? EITHER WAY, I have me a new story to read. 🙂

  2. Guess who’s got a shiny new copy of a certain book all (legally, even!) downloaded into her Reader Library? 😀

    Also, just a small suggestion–you might wanna make a note that for those of us who don’t use Kindle, but use other readers, the Book Depository link was the one to go to for this option–I’d nearly given up on finding a downloadable option that included paying you, since it was last on the list.

    • Oooo! Thank you! That’s so awesome. But, you know, you could also have just gone to my publisher’s site. They have ebooks in all formats there! (Or, you could, you know…ask the author…you might know her…*evil grin*)

      You’re the best, Jes! Thanks so much!

      • You’re busy, I didn’t wanna harass you. Also, I’m weirdly lazy in spurts, and you didn’t provide a link to your publisher… so I’d have had to figure out who your publisher is, and then find the place on the website there, and, and, and…. yeah.

        Actually, that’s kind of weird. The Barnes and Noble site says they don’t have it available as download for the Nook, and that if I wanted it I should send a request to the publisher that they make it available in such a format. If they have it in a bunch of formats, is this a communication fail between B&N and the publisher?

        • LOL for lazy! Any one of those links would have said who the publisher is! (You know…like the top one there…that says “at Mundania”…the publisher….) And I’ve only provided the link like a billion times on every post on the blog tour (which you totally just admitted to NOT clicking/reading…*sigh*). How much work do you expect me to go to? Oh, wait…LOL.

          Um…yeah, the B&N thing sounds like a communication fail. B&N knows perfectly well that all formats are available through Mundania. I’ll have to poke around and see why they say that, but yeah. Weirdness! Thanks for letting me know! I’ll pass it on.

          Thank you again for going to all the work (*cough*thatyoudidn’thavetogoto*cough*) to find a legal copy to download. You’re awesome! Hope you enjoy it!

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