Damn the Man! Save the Empire!

Or, at least my local independent theater! (Or “cinema” for those elsewhere in the world.)

Guys, the Columbian Theater is awesome. Upstairs, they have a whole section that’s 21+ where they serve beer. It’s all couches and tables and you can order PIZZA and other goodies, like nachos! Seriously. It’s the coolest movie theater ever. COUCHES. BEER. PIZZA. MOVIES. And the ticket prices? Insanely low. You spend less at the Columbian for everything than you would just popcorn and two movie tickets at the Regular Theeayter. It’s an amazing place and they could really use a hand.

Go and watch this amazing vid they made for their fundraiser:

Details for their Kickstarter are here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/columbiantheater/end-of-the-reel-the-columbian-theater-goes-digital

Long story short, they really, really, REALLY need a new digital projector in order to keep their doors open. The Columbian is more than just a theater…it’s an institution. They have stage shows and speaking engagements and it’s the place everyone around here goes when they need a space to perform or get a message out. You can even rent the whole place for private parties and so on. I can’t say enough awesome things about it, and even I would be grieved to see it close.

If you can help out, that would be muchly appreciated. Even just a signal boost would help, if you can’t find any pennies lurking in your couch cushions. If you would sacrifice your latte and give that $5.00 to the Columbian, Lord Vader may not Force-choke you today. That’s love, people.

Show the Columbian some love! And who knows! If they can keep their doors open, maybe next year I’ll organize a little movie-watching party and rent the whole place out for me and a bunch of you! (Bouncers will be at the door…you know who you are….)

It’s a thought! But it will only (possibly) happen if they’re saved, so…