The Great Office Cleanup of 2011

Catchy title, huh?

Yeah, it’s not as great as it sounds. For those who aren’t following me on Twitter, here’s a partial recap of the event. I was going to live tweet the progress, but I was cleaning my desk for the most part, and the lappy had to be moved. So I did a recap, and now this blog post about it. Continue reading

Reloaded – In More Ways Than One

First, in case it has gone unnoticed, I have returned from my offline hiatus. Life has been insane lately, compounded with extended seclusion in the Revision Lair. Things are normalizing now, and it appears I am slightly worse for wear.

And by that I mean “I’ve gained a few pounds”.

Nothing major. Nothing in the double-digits or anything. But, as my jeans were already tighter than I am comfortable with, this does not bode well. (And the last round was declared invalid due to extenuating circumstances on the parts of all involved.*)

Also, I intend to attend Dragon*Con over Labor Day weekend, and at this point, the costumes I wish to take with me will not fit over my expanding bottom.

Hence, a new round of #dietgame. Start date for this round is Monday, March 15, 2010 (this should give you time to not only get used to the idea, but to clean out your fridge/pantry/go shopping for healthier choices, join the gym, etc.), ending Sunday, June 6, 2010 for a 12 week (or 3 month, if that works better in your head) round.

What is this #dietgame of which I speak, you may ask? Well, here. I’m so recycling this post from the previous ones on the subject.

Welcome to your doom.

Just kidding.

If you’re here, you probably want to know about #dietgame on Twitter. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Background: Last year, on September 3, my Wii Fit made bad jokes about how much time had passed since my last workout and made the Noise of Disappointment when it did my body test that morning. So, of course, I wrote it a nasty tweet in return, announcing my weight loss goals in an effort to ensure some kind of accountability besides that of the Evil Wii Fit. (That thing is EVIL, I tell you, and not in the good way!)

Long story short, #dietgame has been invented. It’s like #wordathon for weight loss.

In that regard, here are the “rules”.

1) You must have a weight loss goal.

2) You must start as soon as possible/as soon as you find out about this.

3) The start and end dates are posted above.

4) You must TELL ME (in addition to your mom/significant other/morale support groups as I keep track weekly on a spreadsheet so I can determine repercu- I mean – see who hasn’t given their results yet) that you’re participating.

5) You must tweet your progress (or comment here if you’re joining us via somewhere else and aren’t on Twitter) at least once a week (Monday is good, as it’s the day we’re going to end this round). Use the hashtag #dietgame so that the rest of us playing can kick your – um…”offer encouragement”.

Other things:

Your weight loss goal does not have to be pounds. It can be inches, body fat percentage, clothes size, whatever. This is a motivational/accountability exercise/encouragement/ass-kicking group, “sponsored” by yours truly and @Zombie_Joe.

This is a FRIENDLY competition, but those of you who play #wordathon know I have an alter ego in the form of #gunnyjames. This is my R. Lee Ermey-style motivation-by-degradation, and you will get screamed at and told to get your lazy ass on the treadmill if #gunnyjames is in-or-pro-voked. Mocking by other participants may also be involved, and there will be no sympathy to be found here. You want sympathy, you shouldn’t be taking on #dietgame.

Like #wordathon, there is no “winner” or “prize”. This is about reaching a goal, and that goal can be in pounds lost, percentage lost and percentage of goal reached. Suppose we reach the end date and the best among those playing #dietgame have only reached 80% of their goal? Well, that person “wins”.

Now, this is not a “diet” or “weight loss plan”. You do your own thing. Whatever works for you/however you want to lose weight. There are no suggestions, we’re not all joining Weight Watchers or going on the South Beach Diet or Atkins or whatever. This, like the way we #wordathon players write, is highly individual. You do whatever works for you. Some of us do a daily thing, some of us push hard a couple days a week, some of us wait until the last minute, whatever. However you want to do it. Up to you. This is a motivational thing/friendly competition, NOT an advice column. Play at your own risk, etc. etc., no one assumes any liability for your weight loss or lack thereof, blah blah blah, etc. etc.

So, you in?

Good. Now put down that donut and go clean out your pantry before I kick your ass.

So there you are.


*All right, we’re pretending it never happened. HAPPY?