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  1. Jack Russell gets along with other dogs, but likes to chase horses, and I wouldn’t trust him with cats. Needs a fenced yard, as he is a wanderer. Typical terrier–lots of vim. Would be great as a running companion or for someone who wants to do agility or frisbee stuff. BF recommends him as a ratter.

    Dachshund got picked up by a foster home today; check with http://www.newanimalprotectionleague.org/ for more info on him if your friend is interested. He was good with other dogs while at the clinic, very friendly with people, didn’t try him with cats.

  2. Hah. My sister in law just yesterday announced a plan to go to Disney World instead of having Christmas next year. She argues that it’ll amuse the kids, and she can have alcohol. 😀

    Also, I finished All Wounds last night. I was really rooting for Ryan, not Syd.

    • They have great booze! I have a whole collection of light-up ice cubes from their custom drinks! Yay! It was the only way I could get through that trip!

      I’m glad you finished AW! Hope you enjoyed! *marks you down for Ryan* That’s awesome! Thanks, Jes!

      • THAT must be where those freaky things came from. We, uh, had a party at my brother’s place without him. My mom (yes, I party with my mom, ok? we’re weird) could not get over the orange flashing ice cubes.

        I think, on the Syd vs Ryan thing, that Syd never really got… hmm… face time? with her. Like she was getting to know and like Ryan before the whole “chewed on by hellhound” incident, and I got the impression they were spending time together “off page”, whereas with Syd, interactions were more, i dunno, panic-time or very brusque. I’m sure, since he was supposed to be training her at some point, that they also had “off page” interaction, but it just didn’t seem to come through. If that’s helpful feedback. If not, go ahead and ignore it. 😀

  3. Hah! Excellent. In a turn from weird-coincidence-land, I just read a short story from the perspective of a storm trooper… I don’t really read a lot of Star Wars, so a bit funny to have both on the same day.

    • Stormtroopers rock, but it’s Lord Vader for me. I’m a Vader fangirl. You should see the shrine in my office. I bought two more shelves I need to put up! I love Darth Vader stuff. Except the Disney crap. Goofy as Darth Vader? That’s wrong on SO many levels! Stitch is very cute as Palpatine though, and I do admit to buying him when I took my mother to Disneyland. What? She wanted to go! I had booze. They have good booze there.

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