General Updatey Thingy

I know it’s been awhile since I blogged, and even longer since I’ve vlogged, and for that I’m truly sorry. I’m exceedingly busy with a lot of offline stuff, as well as deadlines and so on. (I hear you over there! “Well, Dina, you have time to knit!” SHUT UP! I need my sanity time! I also play World of Warcraft…what of it? Better I do those things than other things that would earn me jail time!)

Anyway, here’s an updatey post. I was going to do Five Things Make A Post, but I don’t think I have five things, so we’ll just carry on, shall we?

Let’s start with my writing. I’m working on the Destrati anthology, and my Editor of Awesome has the draft of All Wounds and will have her notes back to me here soon to add more to my plate. So those things are trucking right along. For those playing at home, AW is scheduled for release this October, and the anthology of my short stories is scheduled for January 2012. So I’m a bit busy here with all that.

Next, #dietgameofDOOM. It’s the halfway point now and I’m halfway to my goal. I’m down 10#, and feeling good. People have commented on my weight loss and my jeans – while still tighter than I like – don’t require petroleum jelly and a shoehorn to get in and out of now. Let’s hope I can keep it up for the next 6 weeks. They say it takes 3 weeks to make or break a habit, and when I was out at the store today, I was hungry and not even remotely tempted by “bad” things. Let’s see if that holds. *knocks on wood*

Now let’s move on to the Great Office Cleanup Part II: In Which Dina Gets Cubed. No, not like that. Here, I took pics:

Here’s what Corner By The Door looked like before I sorted it out:

Evidence of Dina's Laziness

Here’s what it looked like when I finished with it:

Clean Corner

The Corner Cleaned Up. Look! You can see my Goth Lamp! (It's a custom job done by an awesome artist friend.)

See the cubicle things there? That’s the organizer thing I picked up today at Costco. I got two of them. I know, I said I wasn’t going out, but I needed to organize today. Why?


Remember how I said on Twitter that I was going to the yarn store on Friday for yarn so I could hide from the tourists this weekend? Major weekend events were going on, etc. and I thought I’d be staying at home now through Labor Day if I could possibly help it.

Well…I ended up buying yarn. And um… orderingsixmoreskeinsincolorsIneedforvariousthingsIhaveplannedtoknit.

What? WHAT? Don’t judge me! I know I have a problem and I can stop anytime I want to! *shifty eyes*

Anyway! The point is, the yarn I bought went atop the other…um…three bags of yarn I already had tucked away in the corner.

WHAT? I know I said I wouldn’t have a yarn stash. I know I said I would only buy yarn that I was going to use RIGHT THEN. But…

Oh, who am I kidding. Look, it helped me organize my office, right? RIGHT? So no complaints. Now, I didn’t take any before pics of the yarn corner, but rest assured, it made the Door Corner look neat by comparison. Now it looks like this:

The Yarn Corner

See? Even Lord Vader is sitting atop it in approval. I have a big bin thingy there for my longer needles, circulars and double-points, as well as my stitch holders and various other things. The yarn is arranged by project, and all but the ones there in the black cubicle are destined for things I have yet to knit. I do have some extra/practice yarn left over from projects (covered with a bit of material to keep curious cats out of my yarn) and so on below it, and my pattern books and other things like the Blankie of Ultimate Softness (in plastic!) below that. Bee’s basket is there, and she’s thrilled with the extra space/new places to investigate.

Everyone helped and gave their stamp of approval. See? Even the Queen Bitch of the Universe helped. She loved the fact that I emptied my three four (I forgot about one) bags of yarn.

Bitch in a Bag - The Queen Bitch Helping

When I did the Door Corner, she made sure the boxes I removed were still good. They were. Now she is on my lap, giving her approval to this blog post.

So, you see? I’ve been busy, and my yarn is helping me be productive.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.