Knitted Evil

For those who may not know, I kind-of have this little obsession thing with knitting. It’s been going on about 8 months now and I see no end in sight. It’s cathartic and helps me work through plot tangles (HA HA! YARN JOKE! Yeah, I’ll stop that now).

So, when Skyla Dawn Cameron expressed a desire for a knitted Mr. Pointy (a Buffy the Vampire Slayer thing – Skyla is a mega!fan of the series), I…


Okay, I had to learn a few things, which just makes it all the more wonderful for me. I mean, I’d never really knitted in the round or used some of the techniques detailed in a rough guide/pattern Skyla found for me, but it didn’t seem all that hard and I had done most of them messing around with various stitches.

I’d never actually made anything with those techniques.

Well, this is where practice yarn comes in. I bought the right size and type of needles (a trip to the yarn store? Oh, TWIST MY ARM) and began simply.

Um…it didn’t turn out like I wanted it to.

Now, I’d like to take a moment to point out that basically everything I’ve learned about knitting, I’ve learned from YouTube. My sister-in-law may have started it, but YouTube has been invaluable in continuing my education. So, I went to my trusted knitting tutor of the Intarwebz and found alternative ways to do as the guide suggested that I liked better.

I scrapped the first attempt (okay, I made a cat toy out of it, and Bee-girl loves it to pieces) and started over with the modified stitches/technique. (I learned to do and used Magic Loop knitting if anyone is interested.)

It worked. I modified an existing pattern to suit my purposes, and it FREAKING WORKED. This is like knitting geekery for me and I can’t help but be immensely pleased with it. It’s a huge step in my knitting development.

Now to the point of this post.

I have finished the knitted vampire stake.

Knitted Vampire Stake

Handknitted Vampire Stake

How can you win this bad boy? Well, head over to Skyla’s giveaway page and see. Also up for grabs are books, a gift card to a bookstore, movies, another knitted item of your choice and color (from a list!) made by me, and more! Go check out what you can win!

Now back to my edits. It hasn’t been all knitting around here you know!

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