That’s My Cue

I admit to shamelessly copying/pasting this from another post I made on the subject. I do this every year. It should come as no surprise to regular readers. So…kthxbai!

It’s that time, all. You know the time. The bright thing is in the sky for way longer than I’m comfortable with, and the Fahrenheit temperature outside is flirting with numbers starting with 7. (Shut up – it’s a big deal where I live!) The tourists are lurking, the shrieklings will soon roam unchecked, and it is time for me to go to ground until my beloved September returns.

DOg Drags Blankie Bed

So that’s it for now. Go forth. Do shiny things. See you in September. (Possibly sooner. I have been tempted out of my reverse hibernation before, so you never know.)

I bid you farewell until the darkness returns.

Crow Pets Cat