New Year, More Vampires

It’s 2016. It’s also halfway through January, which means your New Year’s resolutions should be wearing a bit thin by now. Well, I’m here to help those of you who resolved to read more books, and those who wanted to add more vampires to their life.

You all know I’ve given into peer pressure (translation: “Skyla made me do it.”) AND how I feel about self-publishing. However, in response to those wishing to purchase my work, I have agreed to offer my previously-published short stories for sale in a new format. (I justify doing this by telling myself and being assured by others that it’s not really self-publishing because these stories have been previously commercially published, so this is a re-release rather than self-publishing. GO WITH IT. I NEED TO BELIEVE THIS IN ORDER TO LIVE WITH MYSELF/THIS DECISION I FEEL SO DIRTY OH MY GOD.)


Here is the final volume of Legends of the Destrati (formerly published in the Mammoth anthologies and my Light In A Dark World collection, so if you’ve already read those stories, there’s nothing new for you here).

This volume features the last two stories, “Redemption” and “A Hope and a Prayer,” plus a bonus story, “Unmasked.” The shiny cover was done by the lovely tyrant enabler Skyla Dawn Cameron of Indigochick Designs, as was the formatting of all the necessary files. Because she rocks. Go use her for everything you need done digitally. She’s amazing and worth every penny.

That’s all the shiny I currently have planned. The year is young, though, and we all know how much I enjoy getting up to no good. For now, enjoy your 2016 with the beautiful and enigmatic Kyle.