The Holiday Card Post 2013

(I’m totally recycling last year’s post with some minor alterations.)

I admit the holiday spirit just isn’t strong with me this year (no real reason, it just hasn’t hit me like it normally does yet), hence this later-than-usual card post, but I’ll try to muster up some enthusiasm. *ahem*


Despite this year’s lack of Sithmas cheer, I really do love the holidays. Halloween used to be my favorite holiday until I came out of my Goth closet and could dress how I wanted to every day of the year and not care about being seen as a freak (for the record, I was 25), but now Christmas is my favorite.

Thanksgiving (which is tomorrow this year…I told you this post was late!), however, is not to be overlooked. I mean, a foodie like me ignore a holiday that’s all about FOOD? PIE? LOTS AND LOTS OF PIE?! (Not to mention leftover pie! Speaking of…I’ll be baking some here in a bit and may have to sample them for edibility before bed…just to make sure they’re fit for consumption.)

Anyway, what was I writing about? I mean, before my stomach started doing the writing? Oh, yeah! The holiday spirit!

Okay, here’s the deal: I’m making my holiday card list.

As I said above, I’m a little late this year, as it’s going to be Thanksgiving here in a few hours. Despite the tardiness, I should have enough time to get them out before Sithmas if I, as my teachers used to say, properly apply myself.

In order to get things done on time, I’m going to have to set a deadline for you all (like I do every year!). If you want to be on my holiday card list, post a comment on this post on my website by Saturday, December 7th (don’t worry, these will be screened!) or e-mail dina [at] dinajames [dot] com with your snail mail addy, and I’ll send you a holiday card. If you got a card from me last year, you’re still on my list, but if you’ve moved, don’t want one, or otherwise changed your address, let me know! I keep the list for subsequent use year to year, but will remind you all yearly to send me any updates. I realize people move about and change names and such.

If you’ve won something from me or I’ve otherwise sent you something in the last year, your name has likely been added to the card list. If you want a card, let me know, because I usually have them printed up in small batches and need to know how many to order.

If you’re feeling in the holiday spirit yourself and would like to return the favor, here’s my address (it’s changed from last year, so for those who keep lists, update me!):

Dina James
5 N Hwy 101 #360
Warrenton, OR 97146

Happy Sithmas!

Dina's Sithmas Tree

My Sithmas Tree. It’s a black tree with red lights and a Darth Vader nightlight for a topper.

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  1. Dear Dina,

    Hope your Sithmas goes smoothly (and your Thanksgiving too). I was looking at your tea blends, can you recommend anything without gunpowder , vanilla, or strawberries (those are migraine triggers for me). Looking for a new tea, and alas I’m stumped.

    Anyhow, I’d love a Sithmas card from you. Enjoy the season

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