Big Red Button Post!

I know, I know. It’s been awhile. I’ve been really, really busy around here with a lot of things. This does not look to be improving anytime soon. Until, like…August. Maybe August. We’ll see.

Anyway! The purpose of this bloggery/updatey thing! My friend’s furbabies are in need! The lovely Skyla Dawn Cameron has a menagerie and lots of Bad Things have been happening all at once (isn’t that the way it goes?). Skyla is like me – money is the last thing we think about when one of our furbrats is ailing. If it’s something fixable, we’ll sell organs and dance around long, vertical poles in order to pay for anything our babies need, no matter the cost.

Here, go read the details for yourself.

Long story short, vet bills are mounting and Skyla is trying to get them under control. She’s come up with this fundraiser, and I’m happy to donate some hand-knitted evil for those who toss a fistful of dollars at the penny jar. So far, everyone has been awesome with their donations. The goals are close to being met, but any extra will ensure that any additional tests or aftercare will also be paid for.

If you have some change in the couch cushions to spare or will sacrifice your $5 latte tomorrow in favor of donating to the vet bill fund, Skyla and the furbrats would be ever so grateful! Don’t think your sacrifice would be in vain, however. Oh, no.

For your donation, you’ll get an awesome read. Skyla’s dusted off a very special manuscript for her fundraiser. Head on over there, help us in a great cause, and get a great book!

Also, for the hand-knitted evil scarf. Come on. We’re talking merino silk here in the color of your choice. Examples of the pattern I’ll use* are on Skyla’s blog. Go see!

*Note: These are pattern examples, not the actual knitted scarf. You’ll choose the color you want and I’ll knit it. It will probably take me about 8 weeks to knit the thing between responsibilities, but there you have it. It’s a custom thing!

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