Hi! Bye!

Quick stop in here to post a few things, then I need to go pack.

1) Going to Canada for a week to visit my friend Skyla. There will be drinking and debauchery. Pics will likely follow. That reminds me – charge camera battery.

2) #dietgameofDOOM – Remember that? Well, it’s time to weigh in (HA HA I KILL MYSELF WITH THE PUNNY!), and the official verdict is that #TeamSkyla won. By a hairsbreadth. I put up a valiant fight, but came up about 6 lbs short. Skyla was able to get into her skirt, though she can’t walk very far in it or breathe much. Still, she can get in it, and that was the goal. She wins. I’m happy to admit defeat, because this means I don’t have to watch Twilight, sober or otherwise.

There’s still more good news despite my loss. I’m down about 14 lbs and have room in my jeans now for drinking and gorging myself on poutine and beaver tails.

The bad news is, I have to lip-synch, on video, Heart’s “All I Wanna Do (Is Make Love To You)” to a picture of Orlando Bloom as Legolas from the Lord of the Rings film.


As further punishment, I have to do this dressed as a Mundane. No Gothic Goddess. I’ll be taking a blonde wig and wearing Skyla’s skirt as a dress.

The money I had saved up weekly as an incentive/reward for success has been, as promised, returned to the household budget. No nice, expensive teas for Dina, though Skyla still gets to buy her nice dress. I’ll make sure she does that while I’m there visiting.

There are a few more good things that came out of this, though.

A – We both made it to the finish without giving up, and believe me, there were some rough spots for both of us, and times when we both thought about just calling it for whatever reason. Illness and injury and life in general getting in the way (Skyla hurt her foot, Morning Cat having surgery [he’s fine now] was hard enough to deal with on my own as hubby was out of town and it was all I could do to eat something, let alone eat anything remotely good for me. etc.). But we didn’t. We both supported each other through the difficult times and that’s really what this was about. Motivation and support, and we both made it. Go us!

B – We’re both healthier and have better habits now that are firmly ingrained in us, so maintaining what we’ve accomplished shouldn’t be that huge a problem. I’m down nearly 14 lbs, and that’s no small thing for 12 weeks. I’m amazed I made it as far as I did given everything that’s gone on over the summer. I’m taking a couple weeks off to not be concerned with my goal then I’m heading back at it. I’m not worried about backsliding here, because habits have been so changed by now that I can’t/won’t eat like I used to, so bonus. Not going to worry about my choices while on vacation.

C – We’re both ready for another round/want to continue maintaining our health. We’ve got another round coming up 10/10 that will go through the end of the year, and while this one probably won’t have consequences nearly as dire as this round did, I’m sure we’ll come up with something suitably evil. We may even invite others to join us this rounds, but we’ve done that before, and it hasn’t really worked out all that well. We’ll see.

So that’s pretty much it. Now I need to go pack. Play nicely while I’m away.

1 thought on “Hi! Bye!

  1. Do have a great time! And please have a drink for me one night. 🙂

    And I can’t wait to see you singing away! lol. But, all seriousness. I’m glad you both kept with it. That is the hard part. But that is a great thing and having a friend to give a boost is what helps.

    Have a great time ladies! 🙂

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