The Prize Post! Giveaway winners announced!

Here it is, Monday March 21, and I promised you the winners of the Last Gasp of Winter Giveaway.

(Winners were chosen using the Random Number Generator at

Below are a recap of the prizes and their winners.

1st Prize WINNER: Todd Norman of Facebook
TWO books, signed by me – The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance featuring my short story “Once a Demon” and The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2: Love Bites featuring my short story “Deliver Us From Evil”
A specially-procured box of a tea much-beloved by Dina
A big red mug and
A red fleece throw

2nd Prize WINNER: Katie S. from the website blog
A special blue mug (you’ll see why it’s special if you win this prize)
A green fleece blankie and
A $15 gift card to that one place I won’t name but is everywhere, where you should buy TEA, not their horrid coffee

3rd Prize WINNER: Jessica Nasca from Facebook
A depressing grey blankie
A pretty scented candle
Some writer’s supplies and
A Lipton knockoff that doesn’t even count as actual tea but is in theory better than not having any tea at all. (This is, however, just a theory and is best left unproven, IMHO.)

*rummage* *rustle*

Oh, and what’s this? Is it…it IS! It’s a SUR-PRIZE! Skyla Dawn Cameron stopped by to spread evil and contribute to my mourning of the changing of the seasons!

With pink….

Yeah, she’s evil. Thank you, Skyla, for your generous (and pink/evil) contribution.

I’m sure she just wanted to find a way to make me mention pink spring things. No matter what her evil intentions, a lucky person benefits, and that lucky person is…

Nicole Zoltack from the website blog

Nicole! You’ve won Skyla’s Cheerful Spring Gift Bag! It includes:
1 signed copy of Bad-Ass Faeries 2 featuring Skyla’s short story “Whiskey Sour”
1 journal that is pink and has a flamingo holding a flower on it
1 mug with some colourful lollipops
1 reed diffuser with berry scented oil
Some Avon goodies

*clunk* *whirr*

What? Something else from the Department of Random Prizes?

Let’s see what it is! *opens* Oh! It’s another prize! And it’s addressed to…

Melissa My World from the website blog

Let’s see what’s inside!

Oh! It’s a signed copy of The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance, featuring my first published short story “Play Dead!” And what’s this? A “rechargeable” $5.00 card to that place that’s everywhere.

*rummage* *poke* *climbs into the prize bag*

Nope! No more prizes! I searched the corners of the bag and that’s all!

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the participants. This was an awesome and fun giveaway, and I’m sure I’ll be doing another one sometime around Halloween. No, not because it’s Halloween, but because that’s when my young adult novel All Wounds is due for release, and I’ll want to throw another party.

(For the record, no, Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday. I am not a Goth stereotype. I don’t like bats, skulls, coffins or graveyards (unless chocolate/candy is involved). I’m a True Goth, and we’re anything but stereotypical. My favorite holiday is Christmas.)

Winners, I’ll be contacting you via whatever means you’ve given me. You have one week (until Sunday, March 27) to respond with your mailing address. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll draw another winner.

Thanks again for making this fun, all! Enjoy your…*shudder*…new season.

I will now go and make a cup of tea and wait for nightfall. This whole “daylight” thing is already old and it’s just getting started. I’ll start counting the days until September. 1…2…


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