I Suppose I Should Say Something

Alliteration, FTW!

Anyway, yes, it’s New Year’s Eve, and I will not bore you with another post on your f!list about all that this year has encompassed for me.

I do not have extravagant plans for the evening (I had made reservations at a local restaurant I like, but I canceled them yesterday as the weather is just horrific here on the Coast and I honestly just don’t feel like going out in it), nor do I have profound end-of-year reflections to share with you all.

There were Things That Happened, Things That Didn’t Happen, Stuff Went On and I Did Things and Went Places.

That about sums it up.

How exciting. Maybe I’ll write something next week about Stuff I Did In 2009 and Stuff I’m Looking Forward To For 2010 and Goals I Have For The Year That Aren’t Resolutions Because Those Get Broken And Goals Are Better.

As for tonight, I’m going to not change into nice clothes or go out. I’m going to sit around in my pajamas, work on my next scene of this latest revision of my WIP that’s being strangely uncooperative, finish setting up my refurbished laptop (still a few things to reinstall – like my printer), eat this phenomenal chicken pot pie I have baking in the oven (from Costco of all places – if your local Costco makes a chicken pot pie (in the deli section), go and get one and bake it for your eating pleasure. SO FREAKING GOOD!), and maybe watch a movie or take a nap.

Or maybe I’ll just eat and go to bed and when I wake up, it will be 2010. That sounds so futuristic! So…“The Year We Make Contact”.

Whatever I’m going to do, it will be to ignore the horrible storm going on outside.