March 28 ETA: (borrowed from Skyla Dawn Cameron) Okay, folks, this has gotten crazy big and unwieldy like a chainsaw I mentioned below. Despite shifting our plans around a bit with the fundraiser to accommodate, this is still massively huge (thank you!), and we do have certain limitations with how many perks we can list during the campaign at once. As such, a lot of items are on a wait list and might be combined into larger packages. There is a chance not everything from the past twenty-four hours might make it to the campaigns. We will do our best to use everything offered but well over a hundred donations of goods and services is staggering.

We don’t know how things are going to go when we kick off next Tuesday. We might fly through the perks, add more, fly through those, and keep going. Or we might not. So please do not be offended if the fundraiser goes live and you don’t see your item yet. It doesn’t mean we don’t want it or it’s not good enough, but it just might pop up in the second (or third) round. If you’d still like to offer something knowing this, please feel free to do so.

Thank you again for the support. ~ Skyla & Dina


Look, it works in the movies, okay? And ya’ll know I’m evil, so…yeah.

I solemnly swear I am up to no good, and you know how misery loves company, so I want you all to join me in wreaking a little havoc.

Here. Skyla Dawn Cameron says it perfectly. Of course she does – she’s evil! She does an excellent job of covering everything I’d just repeat, and even though I have her permission to steal her post, I’d rather not copy/paste, so go read what she wrote then come back here. She’s got all the cool links and everything (bitch beat me to EVERYTHING this time!).

Go read! I’ll wait. *amuses self with Smash Hit for a few minutes*

Finished? Good. Like Skyla said, ur stuf, we wantz it. Okay, she didn’t say that, but that’s the idea.

Short version: Beloved Evil League of Evil Writers member Julie Butcher needs help. Julie is awesome. The ELEW is known for getting up to no good, and we’re at it again, this time via an Indiegogo campaign. We have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty. We’re going to fix this, and want your help doing it. Give us your stuff, then make other people give us their stuff. Because we’re evil.

What stuff do we want? Whatever you’re willing to give. Some examples:

Writerly things – critiques (query letter, manuscripts [whole or partial]), time with a (commercially published) author/literary agent (lunch, drinks, dinner, a movie out…whatever you want to offer), etc.

Books and swag – signed, personalized, blank, hard to find, autographed first editions, you get the idea

Handmade things – art of any media, crafted items, graphic design, website setup…any skill you have and want to donate, we’ll take!

Anything else legal to offer – gift certificates, entertainment tickets, vouchers for your business services/commissions, etc. Children, slave labor, sexual favors (I think this includes surrogate motherhood), heavy weaponry, and certain pharmaceutical substances aren’t allowed by Indiegogo

So that’s it! Feel free to forward this perk request to any and all you know who might be able to offer things to help our beloved Senior Pie Coordinator & Clubhouse Keeper. We’re looking to take this campaign/fundraiser live on our ELEW anniversary of April 1. That gives everyone time to get an idea of what they’d like to offer (and please don’t feel bad if you can’t contribute…we know you’ll do what you can to promote this when it goes live) and get us your info. Right now we’re just gathering info/perks to offer those who donate.

Here, we’ve even made it super easy to give us your stuff. Thank you in advance for your awesome.

ETA March 28Okay! Okay! It worked! We’re good now, thank you! See above!