The Sky Is Falling! Well, Sort Of….

Something is falling from the sky, anyway, and it’s strange, and fluffy, and COLD. Holy wow yeah it’s cold. I mean, for here. Not for like…Canada. Or Iceland. But here? Where our winter temps are only below freezing maybe a week out of the whole winter, and we might get snow in late December or early January for twenty minutes? Yeah. This is cold and weird! (But climate change doesn’t exist! Oh no! *sarcasm* *eye roll*)

Here, have some pics. First, the weather forecast.


Next we have a confirmed visual of the accuracy of the above photo:

From my kitchen window:

My back deck:

And then, just because I liked the visual, I went outside (I KNOW!) and took these along my front walkway:

Regular “auto” mode, no flash:

“Night Scene Handheld” mode:

Oh, and I took a crappy little video with my phone of the snow falling. You can see it here:

So, yeah. Bit cold around here. I have my tea (gorgeous tea from Scotland!) and my warm, fuzzy robes, and a new microfleece blankie that’s so utterly wonderful to wrap up in. We’re all warm and cozy here, despite the temps. Even the cats are happy.

Probably because they love my new blankie as much as I do. (Sorry, no pic of that, but trust me, it was cute.)