It’s My Party!

Back in September, fellow Evil League of Evil Writers colleague Bitchstress Dreamkiller Skyla Dawn Cameron had a birthday. She celebrated muchly with cohort Cute Boy, whom we all encouraged to kiss her, but alas he did not.

Despite no kissing, much fun was had by all. Now, I’ve had a random Twitter party before. Never one with a specific purpose, but after discussion and the promise of the attendance of Cute Boy (see above), I agreed to a Twitter party to celebrate my upcoming 35th birthday.

Evil Cake 35

*Evil Cake 35

You heard me. I’m turning 35 on December 2nd.

Now this year, my actual birthday falls on a Sunday. No one wants to party hearty on a Sunday, so we’re going to have the official celebrations on Saturday, December 1. We’ll call it a birthday weekend!

Here are the details:

DATE: Saturday ,December 1, 2012
TIME: 4PM PST to whenever we get tired or too drunk (That’s 5PM MTN, 6PM CST and 7PM EST. Use to calculate your timezone!)
WHERE: Online. Twitter to be precise. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you’ll have to get one to party with us!
WHY: We’re celebrating the successful completion of my 35th trip around the sun!
ATTIRE: I’m a Goth, so black is preferred. Everyone Goth out! There might be pictures involved! (Or your pajamas. Whatever floats your boat! It’s a party!)
HASHTAG: #evilcake35

*Pic wonderfully ‘Shopped by Skyla Dawn Cameron. Photo used/modified with permission under Creative Commons. Cake made by Linda Marklund of Mina’s Magical Pastries.