Twitter Gets Me Into So Much Trouble

Yet again, a casual comment on Twitter sparked An Idea.

Long story short, I’m getting together with some writers who are also knitters, and we’re having our own little online knitalong.

We decided on *making a baby blanket. It’s very simple (for all skill levels, even beginners) to do, to put down in the middle of something, etc. It’s one stitch (garter – all knits, no purls). Nothing fancy. Here’s the pattern we’re going to use, from the Purl Bee:

As you can see, there’s lots of variations on it. You can do seven different colors, all one color in various shades, or just all one color period (just make sure you have enough yarn to make it long enough – about 900 yards total give or take!). The end result will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 26 x 28 inches (which may take awhile for slow knitters like me), but we’re taking the whole month to do it.

Why are we doing this? Because it’s fun to knit with company. Some of us need to get back in the habit of knitting, some people just want to knit with others, some want to put their newly acquired skills to the test, and so on.

So if you’re a **writer (bloggers count too – you know who you are) who knits, join us! If enough knitting writers join us (and are also on Ravelry), I’ll make us a knitalong group on that site so we can all compare notes and so on!

Let me know here or on Twitter if you’re joining us. Pattern above, start date Monday, October 1. (That’s this coming Monday, folks. Get your yarn ready! We’re knitting through the whole month of October.)

Twitter Hashtag: #KnitMo

ETA: *Or if you have other projects you need to finish you’re welcome to work on those instead. Knitting with us is the important part of the knitalong, not that we all knit the same thing. This is about accountability and participation, like NaNoWriMo is for writing. This is #KnitMo.

**publication not required