Another Signal Boost

Hey all!

Quick post to bring your attention to a friend in need. Kym is an awesome crocheter (among other things) and could use a little help breathing this summer. If you have some spare pennies and could toss them at the jar, she’d be really grateful. There’s stuff in it for you if you’re nice enough – check out the auctions/things offered for your kind donation.

I know it’s the end of the month and our wallets are all a little light until payday, but even $5 would help. Dig in those couch cushions. Take the penny jar to the bank.

Because, you know…breathing is nice. Most of us take it for granted, but for some people it gets a little difficult at times.

Here’s the donation information. There’s more info here from Kym herself. You can use Paypal as well as the funding site they’re using. So go clicky the linky and help if you’re able. Maybe you’ll get something nice out of the deal! (Even if it’s just good karma.)

I’m out for the day. There’s eviltry to get to. I’m hoping there will be pics and a blog post tomorrow. We’ll see what happens.