Signal Boost – Special Kitty Needs A Home

Most of you know that I have several cats. Three of them are special needs, as is my dog. I’d love to take in one more, but I just can’t.

This special little baby girl kitty needs a home. She’s up for adoption at Bayshore Animal Hospital. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with her. She just looks a little different having been born with 3 and a half legs.

As you can see in the vid linked above, she’s happy and loves to play. If you’re in the area (North Oregon/Washington coast, Seattle/Portland) and have room for a special little girl in your house, I hope you consider Nubbins. (I want to name her “Ash” after Evil Dead 2/Army of Darkness.) As adorable as she is and as much as I would love to take her, I just can’t manage it. Can you or someone you know?

You may now resume your regularly scheduled program.