Random Bloggery

Because I’m procrastinating. I have a lot to do and am cheerfully ignoring it. I know it won’t go away, but I can at least pretend it’s not there for awhile.

Also, picspam!

Here’s a pic of the lovely London Fog tea latte I’ve become addicted to lately. Also, tequila. Because that’s how I roll.

London Fog Latte

Homemade London Fog Tea Latte

A while back (I don’t know if I blogged about this or not – I know I Twittered about it) my sister-in-law sent me Star Wars cookie cutters. I did make cookies and took pics, but got busy and didn’t upload them. I now rectify that:

Dark Side Cookies

Come to the Dark Side. We have cookies!

They were decent cookies, and I made them from scratch, with a rolling pin and parchment paper and everything! Yes, it was #dinainthekitchen! (No mustard on the ceiling this time. Don’t ask.)

Now, from the Department of Pics Or It Didn’t Happen, I give you my first knitted sweater (for a friend’s baby made using this pattern for those who are interested in that kind of thing ) and a miniature Dr. Who scarf I made for the wonderful Mr. Audry T, AKA David Wise as a Christmas gift. I told you I was late posting photos!

Handknitted Baby Sweater

My First Handknitted Sweater (for a baby)


Miniature Dr. Who Scarf

So there you are.

Back to work with me. Loads to do.

Maybe I’ll just go take a nap.