State of Affairs

*gathers up materials* I’m uh…*kicks piles of paper under the bed*…yeah…*shoves notes aside* …yeah I’m… *hides old mail, brushes hair over ear* ready. Totally. ‘Cause I r profayshunul riter.


What I mean is, I’m busy. Stuff and things going on and there’s more stuff and things coming up, so it’s a little nuts around here.

I feel I should mention that my book release scheduled for tomorrow has been pushed back a week. Scheduling thing. This happens sometimes in publishing, and I can’t say I’m not relieved a little, because with all that’s been going on here lately, I could use the extra day or two to glance through my manuscript one more time. Just to catch stuff I missed (and believe me, I’ve missed stuff, so this is less an inconvenience and more a boon).

While I’m really sorry those looking forward to the release have to wait another week, it *is* only another week, and you’ll get something nicer out of it than you would have originally. Trust me!

Anyway, stuff and things. Mostly stuff. And some things. Later!