I Have Done Things. Terrible Things.

I have returned from my trip to Canada/terrorizing Skyla Dawn Cameron’s village. It was awesome. I have pics I’ll upload later. Next time I’m renting a car so we can extend the range of our evil influence/terrorize MORE villages. We had loads of fun, played games, watched bad films, got nothing work-like done, and ate horrible, wonderful things all week long. I dread stepping on the scale later. I have a week to acclimate/equalize, then it’s another round of #dietgame for us starting on October 10.

Speaking of #dietgame (upcoming round will just be a “normal” one – no DOOM involved)…

As promised on this blog entry,
if I lost the Clash of the Eviltry (#DietgameofDOOM Round 1), I would lip-synch, on video, Heart’s “All I Wanna Do (Is Make Love To You)” to Legolas from Lord of the Rings. As Legolas was unavailable, we used a stand-in.

Thank you to Skyla Dawn Cameron as the Drunken Camera Woman and video editor of awesome, the Wee Little Puppet Man (Angel) as Legolas, and various spirit-making companies for the liquid enablers.

That is Skyla’s skirt I’m wearing. As you can see, it’s a dress on me. She’s a bloody Amazon and I’m 5′ tall. There you are.

Enjoy my humiliation.