Prize Parcel Goodness

So, you all remember that Johanna Harness won the Alphabet Stew Prize Parcel? Are you curious about what was in it? (What? I’m evil…you don’t think I’d just send a book without any EVIL, do you?)

She blogs about her loot here, if you want to see it. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Now, one thing you all might not know is that this blog mirrors to LiveJournal.

ETA: Apparently LJ is down YET AGAIN. I’m really starting to get annoyed with them

Hell, *I* forget it does that half the time, and that people read it over there/comment. I’m a bad LJer, I admit it, and while I was doing this giveaway, I wasn’t even able to log onto LJ to check things, as that’s when they were hit with their DDoS attack (for which they’ve recompensed some paid accounts like me with two weeks paid LJ time), so I didn’t see the awesome guesses made there. They weren’t winners, but Draggonlaady kicked major ass with her guesses. Go and see them here. Go on! Go on! (Well, go when LJ gets its shit back together again.)

Isn’t that awesome? I was so bloody impressed with that list that I sent her a sur-prize. Just a little something as a consolation gift, like they give on game shows just for trying. Out of all those words, there was only one out of three, but DAMN…what a list! So she got a little something for it. So, see? You might win something just for playing!

I’m already gearing up for another round, people, just so you know. Not sure when. Next month, maybe!

Congrats again, Johanna! Glad you like the prize parcel!