Triple Signing Goodness!

So last night I went to the Powell’s Cedar Hills triple signing of Lilith Saintcrow, Ilona Andrews and Devon Monk. As usual, I brought gifts and took pics. Here are a few of those pics.

Three of four authors talking. Photo by The Andrews' Kid 2

Author chat before the event. Photo by Andrews' Kid 2

LtR: Devon Monk, Lili Saintcrow and Ilona Andrews. Gordon Andrews (the other half the the awesome that is the Ilona Andrews writing team) is out of the frame. Photo taken by the Andrews’ Kid 2 with my camera. She takes better photos than I do!

Gordon the Browncoat

Gordon Andrews in his Browncoat T-shirt!

Here’s the other half of the Ilona Andrews team, Gordon! Awesome shirt!

Stone the Gargoyle by Devon Monk

Stone the Gargoyle by Devon Monk

It’s Stone the Gargoyle as knitted by Devon Monk! I aspire to this level of knitting awesome and want to make one of my own! Devon was kind enough to post the pattern on her website to share with her fans (and knitters!).

And, as Lili herself said, it’s not an event without evil cupcakes from me. I’m in charge of evil cupcakes. It’s a Twitter in-joke between me, Lili and a few others. No, I did not make the cupcakes. Safeway bakery did. I added the labels, and the evil.

Evil Cupcakes

Evil Cupcakes

A close-up of the Evil Cupcake Ingredient label I made for the evil cupcakes. More of a disclaimer/warning, really.

Evil Cupcake Ingredient Label

Evil Cupcake Ingredient Label

And last but not least, the Patron Saint of Evil Writers, the honorary “Bad Horse” of the ELEW, Lilith Saintcrow with the Evil Cupcakes.

Lilith Saintcrow with the Evil Cupcakes

I also brought Lili some locally roasted coffee and some carabiners I had from my camping days for her to use for her rock-climbing adventures.

What about the other authors? Wonder not. I, being evil and their fan as well, brought them gifts also! I brought Devon some yarn and a nice pattern I think she’ll like (she knits and now so do I, so I brought her lovely yarn!). For Ilona I did the same (’cause she knits too!). For Gordon I brought some old comic books I had that I thought he’d like, and I did good, so yay!

So there you are! I took loads more pics, and even gave the Andrews’ Kid 2 my camera and she took more awesome ones. My pics pretty much suck, but here are the best of them. As I said, there are others, but they’re pretty much repeats of these. There are more pics on Lili’s blog, and I’m sure Devon and Ilona will be posting their respective pics on their blogs when they recover from the complete insanity that was the signing. Seriously! Go see those pics on Lili’s blog! Look at all they did BEFORE the signing!

I also got to see the always awesome Skye Forbes, (she has a book coming out in June under her romance pseudonym Melinda Skye) and her tall husband, and got to meet a cool someone from Facebook and her husband. All in all, it was a blast, and well worth the four hours in the car/getting home after midnight. I went last year, and every time they do this, I’ll go, evil cupcakes in hand.