Dina Finally Makes Another Vlog

Finally! Vlog 10! I know. I know.

In this one I read an unpublished short story I wrote for a charity benefit we had here in Astoria, Oregon for a local business that had been destroyed in a devastating fire on December 19th. Also featured is my little special needs kitten, BeeBee. It’s in two parts because it got too long for YouTube (I was still going by the 10 minute rule, but apparently now I can upload vids over 15 mins), so there’s a break in the story (sorry about that!).

The short story itself is, as I said, unpublished and was written for charity. It’s not meant to be a great literary work. It was just something fun I did to thank/entertain people for a few minutes at a benefit. It’s a little Oregon Coast ghost story, and though you’re welcome to leave crit/feedback/comments/thoughts about the story, I’m not looking for those. There have been a few requests for me to read some of my work aloud on the vlog as there are many of you that aren’t able to attend other readings I’ve done, so here you are.

Part One:

Part Two:

Also, since I can’t figure out how to get the links in the annotations to work, I’ll provide links here for those who are interested.

Click here to read about the Astoria 2010 Fire.

Click here to read Bee’s adoption story.

And there you are! I hope you enjoy the vlogs. I’m not the greatest at reading aloud, so please forgive any errors. Believe me, you’re getting a better version here on YouTube than you would have live. There’s a lot more stumbling and “um” and silences in the live versions I do! Of course, there’s more laughs and audience interaction too, so I guess it evens out.