I’m Not Dead Yet

It’s just that I haven’t had a whole lot to say/share. I figured I’d better blog, though. I mean, I’m a writer, and so by rights I should be able to write something, right? What’s the point of having a blog if I don’t post to it?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

I’ve never done the “5 Things Make A Post” thing, but for this entry, I’ll give it a go.

1. The Staircase of Doom – it’s coming along. They’re doing what they call “finish work” right now, and I have to say, it’s gorgeous. Just beautiful. Yes, I’ve lost more than 50% of that room/area, but it’s so worth it, not only for the ability to take laundry downstairs, but because there’s actual ROOM downstairs now to use properly. Pics later when it’s done.

2. Painting – it’s been decided by me and the husband that once the contractors are done with the Staircase of Doom that that room (and the one now revealed/exposed below it) deserves a new coat of paint. It’s…well…an ill-chosen “tomato bisque” (I take no responsibility for this color choice, I assure you), as you can see from the photos, and as the new staircase is a beautiful light oak and the room is already empty/catproofed/prepped for painting, we should just go ahead, knuckle under and paint the thing. It won’t take long. Maybe a day or so. Then we’ll have a new staircase, new painted walls, and if I can get the proper set and convince the electrician to help, maybe a couple new lights in that room. That would rock. So I’ll be busy with all this next week.

3. Writing – I know a lot of people are waiting to hear about what’s happening with All Wounds – thank you all for your wonderful notes; you’ll hear any news as soon as I do/can tell you anything, I promise! – but I really don’t have anything new to share right now. I’m writing as always; characters don’t let me rest no matter what’s going on around me. I wish I had something more to share with you here, but I really don’t. Sorry! I’ll have a newsletter coming out before the end of the month, and if you want to be on the mailing list for that, sign up here. Hint: if you’ve already been getting my semi-regular e-mail newsletter, you should be getting this new one. I’ve signed up for a new program/service because doing it myself/my way wasn’t working out the way I wanted to, so this is a new thing. I’ll post here when I’ve sent the newsletter and you can tell me if you signed up and didn’t get it. As I said, it’s a new service, so I’ve only tested it once. It worked fine then, but I haven’t tested the “sign up” part. We’ll see how that goes!

4. #dietgame – We’re in the middle of week four at the moment. (For those wondering, the weeks go from Monday to Sunday, as we started on Monday. We’ll end Sunday, June 6, then start another three-month round on Monday, June 7.) I’m down a total of four pounds at the moment, and my jeans are starting to loosen, so I’m happy there. I know I could probably do a lot better than I am, but I’m doing a lot better than I was with my habits and eating, so I’m going to call this a win. There’s still time to join us for the remaining two months of this round, so if you’re interested, check out this post for the rules and how to play. Pay attention to the warnings, as this might be a game, but it’s not for hand-holding or sympathy. There are other groups to join for that kind of thing. This is tough-love “encouragement”, and if you can’t handle that, you’ve got no business wanting or trying to play #dietgame.

5. Vlogging – one is forthcoming, I promise. I’m not sure what I’ll talk about, but I’m sure a topic will present itself. I’m open to questions/suggestions if you all want to contribute to the next vlog. You can message me on Twitter, or leave a comment here and we’ll see what comes up for the next vlog.

There you are. Five things make a post. The end.