Those Teas

Once upon a time, there were some teas blended at my behest by a company known as Adagio Teas.

This page used to link to those teas. They had fancy labels and were tie-ins to my book releases. There were also some lovely ones I made just because, and they were wonderful.

Then one day (today, Monday, April 2, 2018), it was made known to me that the CEO of Adagio Teas, Michael Kramer is a terrible human being.

I will not willingly support a platform or individual I know to be a bigoted asshat, nor will I send friends or fans there for their tea purchases.

While I will miss the tea blends I created there, they have been deleted. My apologies if they were a favorite of yours. I won’t put my name on anything that funds hatred or prejudice.

Goodbye, Adagio Teas. It was fun while it lasted, even if you did need a little more brewing time than I prefer.