Those Teas

Here they are!

Check it out. I made these. Well, the fantastic Adagio Teas actually made them. I just chose the stuff and things that they’re made of.


I feel obligated to note here that THESE TEAS ARE JUST BLENDED AT MY BEHEST. I do not get any money from your purchase of these teas, nor kickbacks, nor anything really. I was not paid to create them, nor was I paid to pimp them here to you. These were made as a promotional tool paid for by me in order to give away to my amazing fans and fellow tea junkies, and for you to buy yourself and enjoy if you’re so inclined to try something I’ve put together as a little fun tie-in for my books. Please, please don’t feel obligated to buy them, because it’s not about that and not at all why I’ve mentioned these here.




Time Heals Tea


Yarn Now

You can tell which labels I made and which were done by the lovely Skyla Dawn Cameron especially for this evil idea. (She’s such an enabler – she wins at eviltry.)

Look, it’s TEA, okay? You know how I am! I’m an ADDICT and I HAVE A PROBLEM, okay? I know that.

I know it, I don’t care, and I’m going to be a tea junkie UNTIL I DIE.

I have a whole list of other teas I want to blend (no, really, I mean it – it’s a literal, physical, list sitting right here beside me!), but they do take time to create, and I want to try them all first before I share them with you, etc. You get it. When I get a new blend done and tried, I’ll add it here.

Again, I don’t get any benefit from you buying them other than the evil smug satisfaction of knowing you’re drinking a cup of tea I had a hand in creating. I’ll be even more smug if you enjoy the blend and leave a stellar review of it on the Adagio website telling everyone what an awesome cuppa I’ve put together.

That said, go forth and enjoy a cup or fifteen from Adagio! Go nuts! Make your OWN custom blend! You can do that for free, right there at the top of the menu (but if you want to try your blend, you have to buy it). You can do it just once for fun, make it a series thing like I did, make it private or share it for all to enjoy, as I have. I must say, I’m really, really pleased with the Evil Tea I blended. I’m certain it will be one of my very favorites of all time.

These are the 3 oz size. Don't let the number fool you. There's a LOT of tea in these! And they're resealable!

These are the 3 oz size. Don’t let the number fool you. There’s a LOT of tea in these! And they’re resealable!